Is Driving in Dubai Easy?

driving in Dubai

When it comes to Dubai, there are plenty of potential visitors willing to use car during their stay. However, driving in Dubai is not an easy task, considering the numerous cars, half of which owned, the other half-rented, makes it all more difficult for one to navigate on the crowded streets. Nevertheless, if you would like driving, then you should definitely try it in Dubai too!

When you already have been to Dubai, you will know that it is indeed, a very crowded city holding the promise of very big traffic jams within the downtown area. Driving in Dubai is indeed a challenging task, which unfortunately too many people want to win over, at the same time.

Contrary to this, the road network of Dubai is good and it is continuously improving. Getting a car is very easy in Dubai, but you just need money. There is a car rental almost every corner, where one can get a car in the wished category with the widest offer being generally from the top-quality cars. Your task will be harder when you will try to turn down the offer of the office to include a driver next to the rented car, although they might happen to become handy while driving in Dubai.

Dubai currently has thirteen main roads, out of which six becomes part of the highway system, as soon as they get out of town. The most important roads to mention are the Sheikh Zayed Road, which is also the E11 highway leading to Abu Dhabi and it crosses the whole Dubai downtown and the Ras Al Khor Road, which is the E44 road leading toward Hatta.

Although the Dubai government is promising a big improvement in the reducing of downtown traffic in a couple of years, but the situation now is not easy. One who is driving in Dubai must eventually face the fact, that unless it is dusk or dawn, it takes a long time to get anywhere inside the city. Luckily, the transparent are bilingual in order to help the high number of tourists and expats while they are driving in Dubai.

Driving in Dubai is not the hardest task; the other situation one might face is to find an appropriate parking place. Although all the newly built complexes offer parking places and garages, it is not easy to get to them, and the parking fee might also be high, especially if one needs to stop for a relatively short time.

Luckily, there is no news on any car stealing, so one who is driving in Dubai will not face this risk, but make sure that you put your car to a relatively safe area where one cannot go into it. The traffic of Dubai is a little bit chaotic, but if one finally gets used to driving in Dubai, then he or she will have no difficulties to drive anywhere in the world. Driving in Dubai is also fun, and definitely helps you to get to know the city and its driving culture as well.

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