History of Dubai

dubai history

When you are in Dubai, you will meet up all the time with three words. These three words reflect the history of Dubai most effectively. What these words are? Let us write about them a little more in details, so you can also see what effects has formed Dubai. The three words:

1. Al Maktoum

You will see, read and hear the name “Al Maktoum” throughout your stay in Dubai. Who is Al Maktoum? Al Maktoum is none other than a dynasty name of the leaders of Dubai, the Royal Family of Al Maktoum, who today is the Sheikh of Dubai. The Al Maktoum family has been leading the history of Dubai for a long time and the Dubai that you see today, with all high-tech novelties, amazing attractions and sites, the Palm Islands, The World, the best golf courses and marinas in the world are all by this Al Maktoum dynasty. Dubai has the biggest horseracing and sport complexes, the biggest manmade port in the world and such attractions that the world has never seen before and it all can be thanked to the ideas, money and determination of the Al Maktoum Sheikhs. The Royal family had its hands all the biggest businesses in Dubai. They are also the leaders of the Emirates Airlines and so they play a key role in the political and cultural life of the whole United Arab Emirates, being the biggest, richest and most famous sheikhdom out of the seven. The current ruler Mohammed Bin Said Al Maktoum has the best horse stable ever in the world, has the biggest royal airline the Dubai Royal Air Wing and has most of the fantastic buildings, complexes and sites that you can see in Dubai have popped out of his head. The Al Maktoum Royal family is among the richest and most influential personalities in the world.

2. Jumeirah

The second word is “Jumeirah” that you will see, read and hear while you are in Dubai. So what does Jumeirah mean? Jumeirah is the name of the ancient tribe, which used to live by fishing living in the territory of today’s Dubai; they are the city’s future locals. It was the Jumeirah people who first found out the real value of the pearl, found out that they do have pearls and then started to merchandise in the whole region first, then going up to India and Africa with their wooden dhows to exchange their beautiful pearls for money or something even more worthier to them. The Jumeirah people brought richness and built up today’s Dubai.

3. Wadi

“Wadi” is the third most important word for Dubai people. There is no chance you would not keep hearing and seeing Wadi written everywhere in Dubai. Wadi roughly means an Oasis but they use it for most of the places where you can find water. Dubai is a deserted country, where the importance of Wadi is extreme. Dubai used to be a stop for all the merchants and pilgrims who stopped there on their way to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to make the Al Hadj, which is a must-do for all the Muslim people at least once in their lives. Dubai itself used to be a Wadi, and until today, with all the respect for this word and meaning, Dubai people call many of the sites, attractions and places Wadi.

We hope that with this little presentation we could teach you something worthy about the history of Dubai. If you want to know more about the history of Dubai, do not hesitate to visit the Dubai Museum, located at a very beautiful place in the old town part of the metropolis.

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