The Ultimate Weather Guide of Dubai

Although Dubai is a favorite tourist destination for many international travelers, the Dubai weather is not very welcoming through out the year. The city is very much known as one of the sunniest and hottest cities in the world, as it has typical arid climate for most part of the year. The average temperature through out the year is around 30’s. Particularly, in summer this region becomes very hot and arid, which is quite unbearable for the travelers from Western countries. However, in winter the temperature comes down to a tolerable level and the night temperature drops down at mid teens. Most of the travelers from foreign country visit Dubai in this time, to enjoy the mild-summer like weather along with clear sky, pristine water and golden sands.

Weather in Summer
Summer is too hot in Dubai. Usually, June to September is the days for summer, when temperature may soars up to 45 degree centigrade. The temperature in lower side remains around mid 30’s. Particularly, in August the heat is extremely scorching. Months like May and October also has similar type of weather, averaging around 30’s. The summer months are also the months of sun for Dubai weather. This time you can expect to enjoy the sunshine for more than 10 hours a day. In fact, during the month of June, it reaches the highest level, being 11.5 hours. The sea temperature also rises to around 35 degree centigrade during these days. So, do not expect to enjoy swimming in the sea to cool down from the hot climate. There is hardly any rain fall in the summer days. It is better not to plan out your trip to Dubai during this time. Even if you do so, try to enjoy the indoor activities as most of the indoor places are equipped with air conditioning system.

Weather in Winter
Winter is the best time to arrange your {travel to Dubai}. The daily temperature starts reducing from November onwards. December to February is the most pleasant time for Dubai weather, when you can expect the mercury averaging around 20 degree centigrade. After the sunset the temperature even reduces to mid teens, offering a summer-like weather for the tourists from the colder region of the world. You might require mild warm clothing to wear at the night time. Whatever rainfall Dubai receives, that is during the winter. Most of the rainfall happens in February and March, and that too makes an average of 20 to 25mm. However, heavy rainfall for a couple of days may occur in these months. The sea temperature remains around 20 degree centigrade, which makes it very tempting for swimmers from different parts of the world. You can enjoy a lot of activities in water and on the beach. The humidity level is quite high during the winter days. Overall, you will get a pleasant weather to enjoy your holidays at this favorite location.

Weather in Autumn and Spring
Both these seasons offer hot and humid Dubai weather and the temperature remains between the two for summer and winter. The early spring and late autumn are still comparatively better option for the visitors. But, you can experience the flavor of the desert heat, in late spring and early autumn. Spring time has a chance of rainfall but the days gradually get warmer.

Due to this sunny and hot Dubai weather, you should always carry sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, hats and water bottles, whenever you step out from your hotel.

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