Do I Need Travel Insurance in Dubai?

dubai travel insurance

Everyone who is often travelling knows the high importance of travel insurance. Then, there are those, who are optimistic and decide on not having it. Dubai travel insurance though is highly recommended for everyone who is planning to be in Dubai for more than just a few days. In addition, Dubai travel insurance is a must-do for all those, who are planning to drive and make excursions while staying there. If you plan to enjoy your holidays actively, do not hesitate to make Dubai travel insurance.

Nowadays, with the flourish of tourism, there are about a thousand types of different travel insurances in offer by travel agencies, banks and even ordinary shops. Most travel insurances are in use worldwide, however, there are some things that you need to keep an eye on while purchasing your Dubai travel insurance. Dubai travel insurance is a little bit more specific than the ordinary travel insurances. First, the best thing is to purchase it from an agency that are specialists of Dubai and can ask you this specific Dubai travel Insurance, which can be also come to use while staying in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar or Oman, together forming a group called GCC, the Gulf Corporation Countries. While you are reading about the several travel tips and requirements, you will often meet the mentioning of the GCC. Therefore, it is important to note.

There are two types of Dubai travel insurance. The first type is the one, which can only the residents and citizens of the member states of the Gulf Corporation can purchase while they are travelling out of the GCC countries. The other one is for all nationalities (with the sole exception of Israel or anyone having been to Israel in the recent years) who would like to travel to Dubai or to any of the Gulf States. Dubai travel insurances issue for different periods 15, 22, 30, 60 and 90 days. There is per day payment of Dubai Travel Insurance.

Travel insurance will give you a feeling of safety, especially in the case of any upcoming or sudden illness, or in case of stolen goods, of which normally the latter occurs more often. Good to know, that Dubai is the one out of all the Gulf States where the hygiene is the highest. There have been no cases in Dubai so far, that someone caught any infections or other illnesses during his or her stay. However, even if it is a safe country, you must not be careful enough when it comes to the possibility of stealing, which can happen anywhere in the world.

The most specific thing about travel insurance is its unique service. For example, there is a non-stop emergency service number that you can dial and call anytime. They will give advice, and if needed, they even will send a helicopter for you to take you to the best hospital. One unique service of Dubai travel insurance is the terrorism cover. If you do not know much about insurances or travel agreements, it is very important to note, that general insurance do not cover the costs of any damage or loss, if it happens as a result of terrorist activities, unwanted political activities or natural disasters.

These are the most important must-knows on Dubai travel Insurance. If you are preparing to travel to Dubai or around the Gulf Area, do not hesitate to purchase a specific Dubai travel Insurance, because it will do you all the good, in case any unwanted happens.

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