Useful Things To Know Before Traveling To Dubai

Do you have plans to visit Dubai in your coming holidays? If so, then it is really going to be an enjoyable vacation with lots of exciting experience. However, prior to your visit, you must gather certain information about the place. Without properly knowing about the place, your Dubai travel might end up into a mess.

Geographical Information
Dubai is one of the seven Emirates, which are forming United Arab Emirates. The other Emirates are Abu Dhabi – the capital of UAE, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain. Dubai is also known as the commercial center of UAE.

Most of the major international airlines have their flights for travel, like Emirates, British Airways, Gulf Air, Air France, Indian Airlines, United Airlines and others. You may book for the cheapest deals over the internet.

Entry visas are essential for the outsiders with certain exceptions. Check with your nearest UAE consulate to know more on the rules and exceptions to receive visas for your Dubai travel. You may also visit the UAE governmental website on immigration.

The currency of UAE is known as Dirham (Dh). 1 Dirham is divided into 100 Fils. Exchange rates are approximately 3.67 AED for US Dollar, 5.14 AED for Euro and 5.96 AED for UK Pound. However, these rates are supposed to change, so verify the rate from your travel agent or airports. It is advisable that you exchange your money from the customs department at the airport to receive the exact rates.

Local Time
The local time of Dubai is 4 hours early to GMT.

Local language is Arabic, though English is the language of commerce. So, most of the people can speak and understand English.

Never plan for your Dubai travel during the Summer time, because during summer mercury crosses 40 degree centigrade. Best time to visit Dubai is from November to April, when you may receive comparatively less warm weather with mild rain. Usually you will get to enjoy lots of sunshine and clear sky at Dubai.

It is better to take lightweight cotton clothes, however if you are visiting in winter, then you will need warm clothes as it gets quite cold during the night time. Hats and sunglasses – are most essential accessories. Swimsuits are permitted to wear for the beach and swimming pools.

Majority of the people are of Islamic religion, although every religion is given same priority. There is a restriction for non-Islamic people for entering mosques.

Dubai is the favorite shopping destination for many travelers. Usually the shops are open from 10am to 9pm, although certain shops might take a break during the afternoon time. More about {Dubai shopping}.

To commute from one place to other, you will find taxis and buses, other than the Abras. Abras are the traditional Arabian boats and they are very popular and cheaper way to cross the creek. Metered taxis are driven by trained individuals and most of them have GPS attachment. The public buses are very much comfortable having air-conditioned facility. You may also rent a car with or without a driver, through reliable agents. However, the city is known for rush driving, so always put on the seat belts while you are on road.

Photography is allowed thorough out the city, however taking snaps of Muslim women and various government places might lead to offensive situation.

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