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Emirates Airlines is currently the sixth largest airline in the world, being the largest airline of the Middle East alone. Fly Emirate has its headquarters in the brand new Terminal 3 in the Dubai International Airport and has its regional bases are in London for Europe, Sydney and Melbourne for Australia and New Zealand and Bangkok and Singapore for Asia. Emirates Airline won the prestigious Airline of the Year awards multiple times. So, let us now see how Fly Emirate was born and what makes people like it even more.

Emirates Airlines operates three of the longest non-stop commercial flights in the world with its Dubai-Los Angeles, Dubai-San Francisco and Dubai- Houston flights. The airline operates 111 flights in altogether 62 countries of the world, having over 50,000 employees all around the globe. The Emirates Group in which Emirates Airlines also belong is among the leading companies of Dubai owned by the government taking part in many touristic developments of the city along with supporting many events in Dubai. The cargo section of the Emirate’s Airlines, called Sky Cargo has currently moved in order to operate from the second soon-to-be-ready international airport of Dubai, namely the Al Maktoum Airport that is located in Jebel Ali very close to its huge port and the Free Zone itself.

Emirates Airlines is not an old airline. First, it was Gulf Air, which had been taking over the flight duties in the Gulf Area. However, from the Eighties, the airline’s fame started to drop and cut back on several flights. The royal family of Dubai, already being among the richest in the world decided to set up the new airline of the United Arab Emirates, called Emirates Airline. The family has given two of their private airplanes from their own Dubai Royal Air Wing airline together with a ten million US Dollars starting capital. To this day, the director and chairperson of the Emirates Airlines is the brother of the Sheikh of Dubai, Ahmed bin Said Al Maktoum. The airline has been operating since 1985 March. In addition, the Emirates Airline had been expanding its fleet, flight and ways to please its passengers even more ever since. The airplanes mainly used are Airbus and Boeing wide-body aircraft. Interesting to note that there are only nine airlines in the world, which operate only wide-body aircrafts, and Emirates Airlines is one of them. They are the second airline in the world, after Singapore Airlines, which have already implemented the brand new Airbus A380-800. Emirates Airlines is also among the biggest buyers of aircraft purchasing over 130 new aircrafts yearly since 2007.

Emirates Airlines is also famous for its impeccable passenger services, great quality in flight services and passenger handling skills. They keep extremely high standards in all their qualities, which makes them even more successful. Emirates Airlines has plans to move all its fleet to the Al Maktoum Airport as soon as it will be ready. Then the airport would become one of the very few international airports to handle their own airline exclusively. If you have not yet flown in Emirates Airlines, it is definitely time for you to do so, as the best way for you to fly to Dubai. In the Airline magazine, you can get much handy information on the best sites and the attractions of Dubai.

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