Why Do You Need Travel Insurance

Travelling is an experience that derives both a business purpose and a pleasurable encounter. Discovering the beauty of other places outside of your own world can also be quite a learning experience. Yet sometimes, travelling can become such a draining activity, as some events can happen unexpectedly. Even short trips are not exempt from unpredictable scenarios or risks that may leave you feeling stressed out. These risks can become major or minor setbacks which could potentially ruin your travel plans. One such risk could involve an accident or illness while on foreign soil. The most important thing for those who travel often is to protect themselves if and when these setbacks and inconveniences should arise.

Travel health insurance is especially beneficial if you suddenly become ill or be involved in an accident which may require you to get immediate medical attention. Health care can be very expensive overseas, and in some places, they may not even exist and you could be refused medical attention if you don’t pay money up front. The cost of medically transporting a sick traveller can also be quite costly, as it normally requires five seats for the ill or the injured to be booked on a flight back home. Availing of an international travel health insurance can significantly do away with inconveniences like these.

Travel health insurance covers both short trips and multiple or long term trips, for individuals or groups. Here is just some of the travel health insurance you can avail:

• Single Trip – coverage for this type of international travel health insurance is between five days to 24 months. This type covers emergency hospitalization, room and board, ICU admittance, medical expenses, and accidental death benefits. Payment of premium depends on the number of days of the trip.

• Long Term Travel Health Insurance – this is a type of international health insurance that should be availed by those who intend to say in a foreign land for longer periods of time. Long term travel health insurance may be renewable yearly. It covers the basics, including accidental death benefits.

• Group Travel Health Insurance – this covers travel health insurance for people travelling in groups, like entertainers, students, missionaries and travel groups.

Depending on the insurance company, some may offer additional benefits like a terrorism rider or coverage, especially if the one travelling is going to a place where there is a continuous terrorist threat. Some insurance companies also provide free coverage for toddlers travelling with an adult.

As there are many insurance companies in Dubai offering this service and providing all sorts of features, it would probably be a good idea to draw a list of what you would actually need in a travel health insurance plan. Pricing and premiums vary on what type of benefits you should avail or which country you are visiting, among other factors. The most important thing to remember is that the coverage you choose should be the type of travel health insurance that will give you the most comfort and security.

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