An Exciting Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is the one emirate out of the seven that comprise the United Arab Emirates, UAE and is located on Persian Gulf. The economy of Dubai is largely supported by its tourism and all of its free zone industries. The income that is earned by the oil represents a small portion of the revenues of emirates. Dubai is considered one of the premier destinations for the tourists.

The city is highly innovative in its full essence. All the other emirates are highly dependent on the reserves of oil for their revenue. In contrast Dubai is gaining fame as well as income from its tourists that have gained the attention of this wonderful place. The attraction of the tourists brought about by the real estates, massive infrastructures, sport related activities, and the breaking of the Guinness records.

Dubai is the first city in the Middle East that has a ski slope that is a complex in ski Dubai that is in the Emirates Mall. The only 7 7 star hotel, Burj al Arab is also situated on this island and now the tallest property of the world that is Burj Khalifa. While your visit to Dubai you can really have a good time there as there are a number of things for the tourists’ attraction and it is difficult that anybody get bored in this island.

You can easily get a lot of information about the different places in Dubai with the help of  a travel guide. You can find travel guide on your arrival to Dubai as well as on the internet. Travel guide will really help you to visit all the famous as well as wonderful places of Dubai. You can find a wide range of shopping malls in Dubai which have each and every thing in them, starting from a simple thing to the complex and big one. These shopping malls and centers in Dubai have also gain much attraction as they are especially built for the tourists.

Dubai has also contributed in the field of archaeology, esthetically as well as historically. Al Quasis and Al Soufuh are the historical assets of the world that give a marvelous physical sight to its viewers. Al Fahidi Fort is the museum of the Dubai that hosts metal material, pottery, and pearls of the past. Burj Nahar is considered as one of the heritage of Dubai and is really a wonderful and prestigious site. A visit to Dubai is considered ideal during the summer as you can see it in the full glory. You can also watch different sea activities by standing on the balconies that are situated by the beautiful sea. Sheikh Saeed’s House is a restaurant that is exclusively used for the royal families during the earlier centuries; this restaurant was also used to watch the sea activities. In addition to this glorious restaurant there are other luxuries homes like {Dubai Islands} that are also used for the same purpose that is to view the sea.

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