Jebel Ali Port

Jebel Ali Port

Jebel Ali used to be a fishing village until some years ago, but now it has a growing number of attractions that make it more and more attractive for the tourists. Jebel Ali is also very famous for its huge harbour zone, the Jebel Ali Port and of the Jebel Ali Freezone, situated close to the portside. We can say Jebel Ali Port to be the most important ports of the Middle East, and by far, it is the largest port of the whole region. These years, Jebel Ali Port is taking over the role of Port Rashid as all the cargo shipments that earlier arrived in Port Rashid are all redirected and re-concentrated in the Jebel Ali Port.

You cannot really imagine the size of Jebel Ali Port, because it is so huge! Jebel Ali Port has an unbelievable size of nearly 135 square kilometres! That includes 67 berths and is the base of 5500 companies dealing with international cargo shipment, business and transportation. Jebel Ali Freezone, which is already an operating entity is backed by the Jebel Ali Port, and gives great possibility for all companies residing in the Freezone, to make their operations easier by the close situation. Jebel Ali Freezone is also a never-seen-before complex, situated on a large territory and inviting all companies from the world to do total tax- free business over there.

Jebel Ali Port got famous because it used to be the most visited port and a base for the US Navy ships, especially during the offensives of Kuwait and Iraq. Most people in the United States has heard of “The Sandbox” which used to be a kind of entertainment area within the Jebel Ali Port, exclusively for the US Navy soldiers, to have some fun while waiting. The Sandbox is still found in Jebel Ali Port, although it has been moved to somewhere else. The sailors’ favour these tent quite a lot.

Jebel Ali Port has helped a lot to make the overall role of Jebel Ali more important. Jebel Ali is already a part of Dubai. The two cities lie in about 30 kilometres distance that is reducing day by day. Also due to the continuous growing of the neighbouring Dubai, and the fact that Jebel Ali will host Dubai’s second international airport, Jebel Ali will become a part of Dubai. The Red Metro line of Dubai is also having its final station in Jebel Ali. Moreover, this bustling town is opening more and more quality resorts in its area, which makes it a lot more attractive resort than the crowded Dubai.

Therefore, it is getting easier to visit Jebel Ali. Visit this city and Jebel Ali Port and feel a little bit more relaxed, though to some extent, it is a more industrial area of Dubai. Jebel Ali is also very famous for its several outdoor sports facilities, such as having horse-riding clubs, golf clubs and even a shooting club in its area. The pure size and traffic of Jebel Ali Port will surely leave you without words.

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