An Unforgettable Dubai Honeymoon

If you would like to spend your honeymoon at an exotic beautiful place where hundreds of things are there for you to do with lots of romance, beautiful palm trees and the sight of the unbelievably blue sea in the background, then Dubai is the right choice for you. There are so many attractions and things to do that you would need at least a month to spend there in order to succumb into the lifestyle of the locals. Dubai is by far the best choice for the perfect honeymoon, where you can be alone whenever you want to but there are dozens of events, many attractions and even more shops for you to see, not to mention the cultural sites. Now, we will share some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Dubai. For sure, you will love them and you will spend your hopefully one and only honeymoon here with a complete romantic leisure time.

Dar Al Maysaf Hotel
Dar Al Maysaf is a hotel but in real, the rooms and suites are located at quite a distance from each other in separate buildings, which ensures a lot more privacy for you. The hotel and its area are picturesque and it is no wonder: this is the best hotel of the huge Madinat Jumeirah complex. The Dar Al Maysaf looks like an Arabic dream stepped out of a tale. At one foot, there is a beautiful blue canal, which you use to come and go on boat. Inside, there are breathtakingly beautiful exotic gardens all around. One part of the hotel is like a traditional Arabic Riyadh style hotel and the service is excellent as well. This is a great choice for spending a wonderful exotic Dubai honeymoon.

Malakiya Villas
Malakiya Villas can also be found in the Madinat Jumeirah looking like a magical city, full of  canals, huge gardens, restaurants, shops, hotels, giving you the absolute holiday feeling and everything at a hand’s reach. Malakiya Villas can be found next to the canals with beautiful view to the lush gardens of the Madinat complex. Each villa has its own balcony with a private swimming pool giving you the absolute honeymoon leisure time that you will surely love! If you are lucky, you can get a villa by the sea as well.

Beit Al Bahar Villas
Beit Al Bahar Villas are very impressive with perfect location for a Dubai honeymoon site. It is right along the beach just next to the Wild Wadi Water Theme Park and the beautiful Burj Al Arab Hotel in the sight. This is one of the most romantic settings in Dubai offered by the huge Jumeirah Beach hotel, which can also be found nearby, but not that close for you to feel in a crowd. The villas are beautifully equipped with a balcony. Therefore, what can be more beautiful than taking long walk hand-in-hand on the private beach of Beit Al Bahar?

These are some of the best suggestions for the perfect Dubai honeymoon, although there are many different choices for you to take. For example, on the huge Palm Jumeirah island in the Atlantis the Palm or in the brand new luxurious Zabeel Saray hotels, the choices are almost endless. We advise you to book your Dubai honeymoon well in advance to get the best possible villa or suite for you.

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