A Thrilling Adventure Travel in Dubai

adventure travel in Dubai

Adventure travel in the past few years has gained many fans. We can seek the excitement everywhere we go, let it be a place or a foreign country we do not know about. Adventure travel in Dubai is also having more and more fans. If you wish to try adventure travel in Dubai, do not hesitate to visit this beautiful land to see it yourself!

To talk about adventure travel in Dubai, first we must start with a basic introduction of the geography of Dubai, because this is quite an important factor in adventure travel. Dubai, as part of the seven emirates, which together called the United Arab Emirates, situates right next to Saudi Arabia, on the Arabic peninsula of the Middle Eastern region. Dubai is partly bordered by the sea and on the other side by the desert. These two are the leading motivations for one who wishes to see Dubai. The sea is beautiful offering many chances for ones to all the different water sports. Diving, scuba diving, sailing, or windsurfing are all very popular in this region, not to mention the more extreme water sports such as the waterskiing or skydiving over the sea while a boat is pulling us.

The other side of Dubai, not too far from the sea is the desert, in the middle of which Dubai had been built long ago. Desert offers various chances for ones to have some adventure travel while staying in Dubai. Apart from the famous camel–rides, now the desert offers such chances as sand ski or even to race in the sand by camel, one famous sport in Dubai, or by cars! The most beautiful desert of Dubai is Rub al Khali, the empty district, and is one of the deserts one can only see on postcards. It is really worth visiting! You can experience the feeling of people who used to walk through the desert in the sole company of their camels, even making journeys this way that lasted more weeks.

Those who are more into climbing can have great chances for adventure travel in Dubai if they make an excursion to the nearby lying Western Hajar Mountains. The mountains here offer great sites for ones who prefer hiking or climbing and for the lovers of rock-climbing too. The Western Hajar Mountains create a natural border between Dubai and Oman. Dubai is famous for its wadis, which means either valleys or riverbeds. They can be found all over the country, just ask a guide to show you some.

Dubai, according to its plans of the huge Dubailand plans to build several attractions specifically for those who would love to make their adventure travel in Dubai. There are chances for helicopter ride above the city too. In the popular Dubai Ski, one can also train for the ski season!

Offers for adventure travel in Dubai are continuously growing. Dubai in itself, offers so many attractions. Packed with beautiful sites, colourful parks and theme parks of all kind, with the beauty of its sea and beautiful sandy and rocky beaches, it creates a very memorable stay for everyone. Do not hesitate to make your adventure travel in Dubai; guarantee is that it will be your best holiday ever!

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