Sailing Adventures in Dubai

Dubai, as a seaside resort and port city offers hundreds of chances for all fans or professionals of sailing to take part in its sailing activities. Sailing in Dubai in the past few years has become extremely popular among the foreigners who live in Dubai. Sailing is a beautiful water-sport and Dubai offers hundreds of chances to those who like to try how sailing in Dubai is.

Sailing is one of the best and most popular water-sports in the world. You can sail out of many reasons: having time, having the love for water, the love of travelling and the love of company, as sailing needs mostly more people. Many European sailors would go on a holiday on board of their ship and would sail around the Mediterranean coast. Sailing is one of the most lasting sports in many ways. Once you start sailing, you will eventually have your own boat, and if you have a boat, then you have to sail with it and take care of it as if it was your car or pet. Not to mention that one sailing competition last until many weeks! Sailing in Dubai is a great activity and is gaining a growing fan-base in the recent years.

Dubai has seen this great chance on time, and started to create and build its own sailing and yacht clubs. Maybe it is needless to say, that Arabic people generally prefer the yachts to the boats. Yachting and Sailing in Dubai has become a cool activity, and today the metropolis is full of yacht and sailing clubs. After golf, sailing in Dubai has become the next best thing. Therefore, these times everyone is up to sail and becoming a member of any prominent yacht club, and society. Along with the love of sailing, the famous competitions have also arrived in Dubai. Now, the most popular races of sailing in Dubai include the Dubai-Muscat Regatta, a beautiful event held yearly every month of January. This one is one of the best offshore-sailing competitions in the world. The Louis Vuitton Trophy Dubai is a relatively new dhow sailing competition, which has enormous success all around Dubai. Then there is the Maktoum Sailing Trophy, named after the Sheikh of Dubai. There is The United Arab Emirates National Championships too and we can go on. The competition calendar of sailing in Dubai is full!

However, those who do not want to be champions yet, but they would live for the love of sailing, many clubs offer various chances for them to train on water. Dubai has long and beautiful seashore that is indeed worth seeing from the water. Dubai Creek, which is acting like the 2river of Dubai” will soon have extensions to give way to the bigger ships too, but by far one can nicely sail or exercise sailing over there.

Sailing in Dubai, once you try it, will for sure be an unforgettable memory for you. Just visit one of the many yacht clubs to see the lives of sailors and those who have yachts. The love of sailing in Dubai will for sure remain with you and will make you eager to return, to try it again!

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