Things To Know About Dubai

Dubai is the cosmopolitan emirate of UAE with skyscrapers, shopping malls, artificial islands, traditional souks, deserts, mystic oasis, and turquoise beaches. Dubai offers a host of activities and events throughout the year which attract several tourists into the emirate. The visitors can enjoy several international and traditional sports events in Dubai. Dubai is among most famous tourist destinations in Middle East. Arabic is the official language of Dubai, but English can be understood widely. Dubai is formed during the formation of UAE in the year 1971. After Abu Dhabi, Dubai is the largest emirate of UAE in terms of area. Dubai is the most populous emirate in UAE.

Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum made Dubai popular in front of the world with his innovative ideas. The ruler of Dubai is also the prime minister and Vice President of UAE. Money made out of oil trade is poured in to create wonderful structures in Dubai which brought the emirate in the world tourism map. Arabs consist of 20% of the population in Dubai and remaining population are expats. Around 71% of the population in Dubai is Asians, of which 51% are Indians. Most of the Arab citizens in Dubai are Sunni Muslims and Shi’a Muslims are the minority.

Dubai follows its own laws and regulations, but there are common laws for all the emirates of UAE. In Dubai, there is no property tax, income tax or other taxes to be paid on goods. You can lead a great and comfortable life in Dubai with great amount of savings. Dubai is a safe place for everyone as there are very low crime rates. The system of education is good and most of the private schools are following British curriculum. Deira is the modern city in Dubai where you can enjoy a cosmopolitan life. Bur Dubai is a town where you can find alleys, souks and old buildings.

Friday is the weekly holiday in Dubai. The city will surprise you with both traditional and ultra modern attractions. Dubai is a great destination for tourists who are looking fun and entertainment at affordable prices. Children also can enjoy their days in Dubai by visiting the fun fairs, water parks and interactive museums. Visitors can enjoy the friendliness and warmth of the people in Dubai. Dubai is a business hub now because of its great business friendly strategies, location and industries.

The emirate has strong economy, talented workforce from various countries, financial facilities and great infrastructure. So Dubai is a great place for tourists, investors, residents and job seekers from all around the world. Dubai has every facility to meet the demands and standards of visitors from various origins. The culture of Dubai is deeply rooted in Islamic religion which influences the people in daily life. During Ramadan month, the restaurants and hotels will be closed during the daytime. The life will come active during nights in Ramadan month. Non-Muslims are also advised not to drink or eat in public in Ramadan month.

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