Skiing in Dubai

Reading the title of this article, you may be wondering how on earth can one think of skiing in a desert land! Well, the wonder called Dubai, a unique destination for the international tourists, has an answer for you. The Mall of Emirates in Dubai, one of the largest Malls on earth, provides you this opportunity of skiing fun while in Dubai. This mall owns and runs this Ski Dubai Resort, among other attractions of shopping. This resort has something to offer to every one, from a beginner to the professional snow sport enthusiast. The ski resort is really huge; it is as large as 3 foot ball fields. You have a choice to play from snowball to Skiing to Tobogganing, depending on your interest or mood. This is the only indoor Ski facility in the whole of Middle East. This Ski Resort operates throughout the year. So, whichever season you visit Dubai, you will still enjoy the snow sports at this resort.

More about the facility
Ski Dubai remains open from 10 am to 11 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays the resort functions from 10 am to 12 midnight, local time. The ticket that you buy for the skiing sport at the resort is valid for 2 hours. If you wish to extend the time duration, you can do so by paying an extra cost.

As the very name suggests, Dubai Ski Resort is facility based on mountain-theme, providing a snow-dependent fun opportunity that one cannot expect to be available in a desert land. What is more incredible is that this facility is devised to operate throughout the year. The Resort, owned by the Mall of Emirates, has five types of mountainous terrains of varying heights, slopes and difficulty levels. The longest of these is 400 meters long. You can reach this place from the city centre by various modes or try the Hop in Hop out Big Bus tour of the city, which stops at this place on its tour.

This Resort provides all the essentials like change rooms, lockers, special winter clothing, ski board, surfboard etc allowing you to indulge in whatever activity you like in peace.

If you are wondering as to how to climb back for the next sliding, you have no worry; that is taken good care. You just ski down the slopes and from there a tow lift will take you back to the peak. Or if you prefer, you can enjoy the ride back to the peak on a Quad chair lift. They have among other things, a retail store named SnowPro to help you in mastering snow skiing or snow surfing. Are you new to this sport but willing to try a hand? Not a problem at all. SnowPro will happily help you. The facility has refreshment centers like Avalanche Café and St. Moritz Café. It has a well-equipped medical facility in case the need arises.

Dubai is a deserted region where visitors look for the best season to plan outdoor activities. In such humid and sunny weather one looks for the chilled drink and cold indoor activity. In such situation, Dubai has offered a remarkable innovation of providing the true spirit of chilling weather in one of its renowned mall. Ski Dubai is the indoor fun activity that is present in the mall of emirates to give you a timeless adventure of snow sports and other rides related to snow fun.

Ski Dubai is the absolute fun snow indoor facility that gives you the most chilling experience on the land of desert where killing heat effect is broken by the chilling snow. The ski resort is based on the mountain themes that give the best experience of skiing or just playing uncontrollable in snow. The penguins in the snow makes you feel reality of arctic region and the unique encounter of penguin in the indoor resort give an unforgettable experience. The Ski Dubai provides enormous activities for the family and people belonging to all age group. The place gives you full freedom of either to stand or enjoy the snow or indulge into the amazing journey of skiing.

There are five different variations in mountains that also vary in their level of difficulty in Ski Dubai. Skiing provides fun to not only the professionals, but also the beginners get chance to sharpen their skills. The freestyle zone gives the full freedom to snowboarders to enjoy all the twists and turns. The snow park provides all the healthy activities to the family and kids. When it comes to skiing or snowboarding, Ski Dubai resort also provides all the equipment that ensures the security during the sport and fun. Apart from sport clothing, winter clothing has also kept for the visitors. The indoor chairlift carries the skiers to the top for the free fall.

Ski Dubai also has two tempting restaurants that offer mouth-watering food. St Moritz can be located at the entrance of Ski Dubai while the other is available with the slopes. The snow pro gives you ultimate experience of shopping for the snow equipment or taking something to memorize the amazing time spent at the resort. There is also a team of professionals available throughout the time to guide about the necessary turns and safety points. They also guide tricks and techniques to the beginners to fully enjoy the time they spent and make it worth. The resort has a large capacity that can accommodate more than thousand visitors at a time.

There are also interesting packages for fun party and school trips. The resort also deals in providing the group and corporate bookings to have a thrilling time. The park has different timings throughout the week while the penguin encounters are available on the specific days of the week. The pricing also varies with the theme of the different rides. To get the full information of the dream trip, log on to the Ski Dubai website and find exciting packages.

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