Weather of Dubai

Dubai weather

The weather is dry tropical, which is good for Dubai as it can make all their best to make the touristic seasons as long as it is possible. Dubai Climate is useful when it comes to tourism, especially beach tourism, as Dubai is always warm and inviting, because there are no big differences between the seasons.

Dubai weather is dry, which mean that for most of the green environment, Dubai needs to fight on a daily basis. The main seasons of Dubai are the summer and the winter seasons. The summer of Dubai is quite hot, starting from around the end of May and lasts until the middle of September. This season is very hot and dry, with the temperature being well over 40-Celsius degrees most of the time. The winter season means a little rain and a drop in the temperatures with around 15-20 Celsius degrees, lower than it is in the summer. In the winter, one can experience a mild weather, which is around 20-Celsius degrees during the day.

Dubai climate is useful for all the beach and sea-lovers who want to enjoy the water almost all year long. The top season of tourism in Dubai, as usual with the tropical-desert climate, is the spring season.

The best time to visit Dubai is March, April and the beginning of May. That is when the temperature is not yet disturbing for those, who would like to be out of the hotel during the day. Needless to say, that due to Dubai climate and weather, it is highly advised for everyone to apply an SPF 20-30 before going out in the morning. If one goes to the desert for a safari, even higher SPF is commendable.

Dubai weather does not affect one of the main attractions of Dubai, which is the desert. Many areas are air conditioned, such as the huge shopping centres because of the normal heat. That is the reason why souks remain all covered too, so that neither the customers nor the goods would suffer in the sunshine.

Due to the effects of Dubai weather, mostly those plants and animals live in the area of Dubai who can survive the heat for longer periods without a good quantity of water. Therefore, the flora and fauna of Dubai is very similar to those generally found in Africa and other more deserted areas of the world. Dubai has a very colourful bird population ranging from owls to smaller birds. Among Dubai’s signature animals, we find the desert wolf, which is unfortunately today among the highly endangered species.

One can view most of Dubai’s signature animals in the Dubai Zoo, near the Jumeirah Beach, which is a great program for everyone. The zoo houses around 10,000 species. Soon the new Dubai Zoo will be build to give a cosier home for all its inhabitants.

Overall, Dubai weather give a nice chance for the Emirates to bring out the best of its natural and man-made attractions. Dubai people got used to the generally warm weather of Dubai. You will also adapt yourself, when you spend most of your days on the beach and in the shadow. At the end of the day, you can go out in the evening hours, when everyone is out on the streets enjoying the mild breeze of the sea. Due to the Dubai climate, resorts with all the beautiful gardens and all-year long chance to swim, got an international attention and a rapid growth in the number of its tourists.

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