Dubai Zoo

The Dubai Zoo is a well-known place in the whole region, being the first ever-built zoo of the Middle East. Dubai Zoo hosts several rare species of the whole world and many the unique animals of the region.

If you are in Dubai and looking for a nice recreational program, then it is really worth visiting the famous Dubai Zoo found in the popular downtown Jumeirah district, just by the sea. Due to its small size and continuous protests for the animals, now there is a new zoo as well right next to the old zoo, called Dubai Zoo 2.

Dubai Zoo was found in 1967 when the actual king Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum decided to have it built. It is also interesting to note, that at that time Dubai Zoo’s location also indicated one the town’s border. Dubai Zoo is still very proud to have been able to breed the Chimpanzee in its zoo, which is famously hard to breed when captured. In addition, Dubai Zoo is very proud to have bred the quite rare African Wildcat.

When the Dubai Zoo first opened, it housed only a few of regional species, such as the Arabic Wolf, which today is one of the most visited animals. Later on, the Zoo started to have more and more animals and together with them started the problems of overcrowding, as it is small being only 2 hectares. However, due to the continuous enlargement and restoration works together with the adding of Dubai Zoo 2, Dubai Zoo now enables all the smaller and bigger inhabitants of the zoo to feel a lot better, at a wider space in the zoo. According to the plans, Dubai Zoo is to relocate soon to a quieter and a much bigger area, giving each animal the chance to have such an area specifically made to be like their natural area in the wild.

Among the rare animals, it is worth mentioning the rich number of Socotra Cormorants, which by far are almost impossible to be bred in captivity. However, Dubai Zoo tried their best and luckily, the Cormorants have bred after a while. Other rare animals include the beautiful and unfortunately highly endangered Barbary sheep, the caracal, the waterbuck, and its family of both Bengali and Siberian Tigers. It is also worth mentioning the Dubai Zoo’s rich number of diverse species of birds of prey. The passion of the Arabic people towards birds of prey is widely known. Still many people deal with falconry in the Middle East. The Art of Falconry is still one of the oldest and most traditional ways of both sport and leisure for many men of the area. The most widely used birds for falconry in the Saudi Peninsula are the Saker Falcon and the Peregrine Falcon, both of which are regular inhabitants of the popular Dubai Zoo.

Dubai is known for its high tech theme parks; from ice-skating created in desert to the high-speed roller coasters. Apart from these high tech theme parks, Dubai has also made enormous efforts to show its passion for nature. From huge aquariums to the spectacular zoo, animals enjoy the enclosures in their natural habitat. Dubai Zoo is a magnificent park meant for families to educate their children about some of the most amazing species in the world. These endangered species comes from different part of the world.

Dubai Zoo is one of its kinds and is the most popular zoo not only in the UAE, but also in the entire gulf region. The site of the zoo is accompanied by Jumeriah beach and displays a huge collection of species. More than 200 species belonging to endangered category is enclosed in Dubai Zoo while some of the endangered plants are also kept to bring the uniqueness in its making. From Bengal tigers to the Arabian wolves, the species sheltering in the zoo gets the best care and provides all the latest facilities to the animals.

Dubai Zoo is a spectacular source of entertainment for the families as the exposure to the endangered species of the world is a rare vision that you can never have in any part of the world. Barbary sheep has been originated from North Africa and later distributed to many regions of Europe. One of the unique attractions of the zoo is the Arabian wolves that are now declared as endangered species. The animal used to rule the area of Middle East, but, its population is highly endangered and Dubai Zoo is the place where you can find this traditional animal of Arabian world.

There is also a huge aviary that enclosed many local rare birds and one gets the true feeling of pleasure to watch different species of these lovely birds. Dubai Zoo is also known for keeping various species of large cats that stands for the signature for the desert of Arabia. Tourists from all over the world highly appreciate these rare species and there are some enclaves that claim to have the rare breed of animal that could not be found in any part of the world anymore. Dubai Zoo has dramatically progressed over the last years by keeping the animals from wildcat to the rare species of reptiles.

Dubai Zoo visiting hours varies with the season, but remains same throughout the week. Each year the zoo witness a large number of tourists mainly families that enjoy the true ideology of the zoo. The zoo is also known for providing the best conditions to the animals to live alike in their natural habitat such as Siberian tigers need a low temperature and the zoo management has kept the ideal conditions for the tiger to enjoy in its premises. The municipal of the zoo is working on a new zoo that carries the concept of safari and will be open soon for public in the coming years.

A visit to the Dubai Zoo gives a nice chance to enjoy a relaxing time, while taking a beautiful stroll there, just by the Jumeirah Beach. Dubai Zoo is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00 hours. The entry with its two DHs is quite cheap. So when in Dubai, do not forget to visit the popular Dubai Zoo.

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