Camel Riding in Dubai

camel riding in Dubai

Dubai, located in the middle of Dubai desert has chosen to be the local specialist of all kinds of Desert safari. When it comes to the beautiful desert of Dubai, you can be sure, that you will get the best programs and entertainment ever. You can exercise here your camel riding skills and taste some of the specialities of the people of the desert, called Bedouins. Next to camel riding, you will be able to learn a lot on the nomadic culture of Dubai, through Bedouins. You can visit their traditional tents during the desert safari and you can learn what they do to survive the heat of the desert.

A desert safari is really one unique experience that you should definitely go for, while you are staying in Dubai. No matter its camel riding or taking photos that interest you the most, the pure sight of desert, during your desert Safari will surely leave you without words for minutes. Desert safaris also offer colourful programs for everyone.

Next to the possibility of sandboarding and dune bashing, you will get the chance to ride a camel as well. Camel riding feels very interesting, as if you were sitting on a boat. Camel is slightly taller than horse, and as it has a hump, on which you are sitting, that gives an extra height to the animal. Arabic men are professionals in camel riding. Riding a camel during your desert safari, will surely make your trip unforgettable, and will make people to make a couple of funny photos of you!

Camels are not only the iconic animals, but also have always been the most useful animals in all Arabic countries. Used by people for many centuries, camel is a faithful company to those, who travel through the desert for long weeks. Many still transport their goods on camels in the Arabic peninsula. Camels have the rare ability, to store food and liquid in their bodies to be able to survive for quite a long time, without drinking or eating. No wonder Arabic people call camels “the boat of the Desert”. If you stay in Dubai for a longer time, you will quickly realise how people go crazy for camel riding. It is the favourite sport of Sheikh Al Maktoum as well, who is the sheikh and ruler of Dubai. If you go to any touristic area of Dubai, you will eventually catch a glimpse of a camel offered for camel riding. However, the feeling to sit on a camel in the middle of Dubai desert is very much different. You might not know that horses only arrived later, in the area of the Arabic peninsula. Of course, now the horse riding is almost as famous as the camel riding but the big differences between the two sports also mean that they are non-competent to each other.

Camel races, next to camel riding, are represented everywhere in the United Arab Emirates; so if you are lucky on your desert tour, you might also catch a race somewhere nearby. It is also possible to attend a camel race, only would be harder to find without a guide and a driver. So ask them if you would like to see a camel race and learn camel riding before they might take you not only to view but also to attend the camel race with them next time!

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