Overnight Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

This is an overnight safari in to the desert, to live like a local, although for a day, it has all the ingredients to make it a worthy experience. The Safari has every thing from an exciting ride on a 4×4 drive. This drive makes you to sit up. Camping in a tent to enjoying a serene but enticing belly dance while sipping a drink or two (no hard drinks). Spending a night in tent, in itself, gives you an experience that normally one will not have. You can smoke the aromatic shisha a traditional tobacco pipe, if you choose to, then on to a fulfilling 3 course barbecue.

You are warned to avoid this tour in case you have serious back problem, as this trip in the desert will be a rough ride and cause serious problems.

The Circuit
Day one, your journey starts with the AC coach picking you from the hotel. An English-speaking guide will accompany you from the start to converse with to avoid boredom, if you prefer it that way.

Once you reach the Desert, you will be taken a 4×4 wheel drive vehicle for the real fun. The slippery an undulated fine sand surface makes the vehicle swing in all directions while cruising. But with the vehicle’s special tires designed for driving on dry sand, the drive is safe. On the way, you are taken to one of the high dunes to witness the sunset. This wonderful event is sure to leave an imprint on your mind for the rest of your life.

From here, you are taken to the Bedouin Camp, which welcomes you with a much needed, drink to quench your thirst. Once settled you can indulge yourself with any of the activities like a camel ride, sand surfing (extra fee charged locally) or if you are a smoker, enjoy the aromatic shisha, the traditional tobacco pipe. The tobacco used here comes added with different aroma.

If you wish to, you can dress up like an Arab in the costumes provided or go for the artistic henna tattoo on your hands. Be a part of the celebration.

Watch the very famous Belly Dance, the traditional dance form of Arabs, while sipping a drink or smoking pipe or fill your hungry stomach with the lip smacking, 3 course Barbecue. Get to know your co tourists exchanging small talk, a natural behavior of a human race, before getting into the trance of a sound sleep amidst the silence of the Desert.

Well you will not know when the dawn arrives until the buzz of the morning activity starts in the camp.

Day two has arrived. It is time to move on and by the time you get ready the aroma of a fine breakfast beckons you to the table. The past 24 hrs has just gone in a flash, you are starting your return journey, leaving a longing in your mind to come back again and again for this memorable trip.

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