4X4 Desert Safari in Dubai

4x4 desert safari in Dubai

If you are lucky to get the chance to visit Dubai and spend your vacations there, then you must definitely try some of the most important tourist activities. First, go on a 4×4 desert safari. If you have not tried 4×4 desert safari before, then it is really a not to miss experience for you.

Before some of you might start getting mystical thoughts on the meaning of “4×4”, let us explain it. This simply means the four-wheel drive on a Jeep or SUV, the one and only vehicle that has the power to get anywhere on the desert sand, famously one of the hardest ever driving soil.

The Dubai desert is like not only a lake or a river within a city, but it has always played a key-role in the formation of the local Arabic culture, mixed up with the desert people’s traditions and ways of life. In the Arabic Peninsula, the people living in the desert, called Bedouins, have close relations with the North African desert people, the Touaregs. You might also see that life in the desert is not easy, as there is no food to produce. So living in the desert should not be imagining as if someone sits in a tent in the middle of the desert all day. Desert people are nomadic people, mainly living out of hunting. They use traditional tents, which they can build up and transport very easily. Desert people were quite common in the mountains, where they have more chance to find some animals to catch as their prey.

During your 4×4 desert safari, you can enjoy the hospitality of kind Bedouins who may even prepare some dinner or late lunch for you. A normal desert safari takes around 2-4 hours; however, if you want more, go for an overnight safari. There are some programs that you can decide if you would like them or not, such as the live performances after dinner. Live performances usually show dances and songs from the Bedouin culture. The Bedouin dances are special nomadic dances, with the imitations of fighting scent and telling hunting stories as well. It is great to see these performances. However, men might prefer the belly-dancing show for which there is also a high chance.

For those who prefer some walk around, there are chances to take some great pictures. Normally, Overnight desert safaris have specific plans to take people out to the desert not long before the sunset. There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of sun setting behind the beautiful dunes of Dubai desert. It is really a must-see! You can also get the chance to ride on a camel; you can experience the goodness of tasty desert foods. This way, you will come closer to the desert culture of Dubai.

The good thing about such a 4X4 desert safari is that if you are with friends or partner, you can go on a private desert safari. Moreover, even if you are travelling alone, at least such an excursion will give you the best chance to meet new people during your desert safari in Dubai.

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