Medical Tourism in Dubai

Medical tourism is a great way for a country to attract attention and a great number of visitors in the same time. Several countries have become centres for medical tourism, which in this case mainly covers and concentrates on plastic surgery. There are millions of women everywhere in the world, who dream of altering one of their features or simply look young and fresh again. Therefore, plastic surgery is a flourishing industry. Dubai, this luxurious emirate has decided that together with being a tourist attraction and a great place for shopping and enjoying the beach will become the centre of medical tourism. Let us see what chances in Dubai are today when it comes to medical tourism and plastic surgery.

Medical tourism is a great way of travel. First, it started up as being a cheaper way for people to undergo plastic surgery. In addition, it came handy for all those, who did not want the world know, that they have undergone plastic surgery at all. Going on holiday, which refreshes the mind and body seems also to be a perfect excuse for someone to return looking great. Therefore, Asia and South America started to stand out as the best and cheapest potential places where people went to enjoy the sun, the beach and also to undergo plastic surgery. Of course, the start was not easy, as several clinics were operating without any certifications or experience for the doctors and staff to do any sort of operations. Therefore, an international form of regulation was implemented.

Dubai, geographically, has a great situation to welcome visitors from all around the world. The emirate has started to make its ideas come true when roughly ten years ago; it started to build a huge medical complex, which is known as Dubai Healthcare City. The complex today has a hundred medical institutes coming from all over the world and they are perfect for locals, foreigners and expats living in Dubai. The centre offers high quality medical services for the people of every nation. From French to German clinics, everyone can find here a medical institution, which is or is the closest to their expectations in their own country.

In terms of plastic surgery, today several elite clinics operate in the area of the Healthcare City or in private clinics with surgeons who are internationally known or have all the best credentials to do plastic surgery. Some of these clinics such as ABSAMC (American British Surgical and Medical Centre) have regular doctors who also operate in the best areas of Hollywood, helping stars to look better and younger. Others come straight from Europe, such as the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery. Paired up with other local and international clinics for plastic surgery, such as Silkor or Cocoona Clinics, we can soon expect a larger specialisation to happen, which will give patients even more chance to target their attention on one or another clinic. Most Dubai plastic surgeries today have a huge praxis, having more than 20 different treatments and operations for the guests in their quality instalments, which help Dubai to become an important centre of plastic surgery, in terms of medical tourism in the Middle East.

Dubai today is mostly visited by American and British tourists, as these are the two main countries being famous for having extra expensive surgical services. For them Dubai is not only cheaper, but a sort of medical insurance can also cover most of their costs when they undergo a plastic surgery in Dubai.

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