The Perfect Vacation in Dubai

the perfect dubai vacation

In the last few years, Dubai vacations are exceeding all expectations. We all know how much pressure and pain has Dubai endured in order to be the head of the Middle East touristically, creating such wonders, which no other neither nation nor people could reproduce. There are some out of all the unbelievable installations of the government owned Nakheel properties, which the press has even called some of the New Age wonders of the world. Therefore, why do you not come along and see what Dubai vacations are all about with all the sun and fun you will experience. Hereby, we will introduce you to Dubai, so that you can see, why having vacations is so much more than worth over here.

This goes to the Palm islands, of which the second out of the three will soon be ready. The other manmade island complex that the world has never seen is called “The World” which although still inhabited and said to be continuously sinking, yet it is still a large attraction for all the air sightseeing. Meanwhile Dubai vacations are becoming cheaper, more and more hotels are building in the older and more pleasant parts of Dubai offer rooms even for USD 20 / Person / Night, which you would not have thought could happen in Dubai, the Land of Luxury and Richness.

Apart from all the beautiful yachts, you can get to see during your great Dubai vacations. You can even try some of the most popular water sports, for example, you can enrol in a diving or surf course, during your Dubai vacations on the Jumeirah Beach. In addition, if you do not feel like taking a course, you can stroll around the town, in the biggest shopping centres in the world. You can get lost in the ancient world of Arabic souk (marketplace). You can feel like a gold digger within the Gold Souk or you can take a walk on the beautiful Deira Corniche. The Dubai Creek, which acts like the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, has a rich transportation life, being quite long, the goods are a lot more easily taken to the further parts of the city on boat. You can try one of the water taxis, or Abras, the main station of which can be found in the seaside of Bur Dubai, right next to the exciting Dubai Heritage and Diving Village, which is really worth seeing during your Dubai vacations.

You can feel like in Miami visiting the huge dolphinarium during your Dubai vacations or slide down on one of the biggest and longest slides in the world in the Wild Wadi water park. For having some relaxing time, you can find a relaxed garden somewhere in Bur Dubai or relax in one of the beautiful Creek side or beachside parks where you can even doze a bit feeling the mild wind blowing from the sea. You can visit some of the most beautiful Arabic gardens and rose gardens and the most beautiful mosque of Dubai, the Grand Mosque. In case you would like to visit a mosque inside during your Dubai vacations, you must go a little further to reach the similarly big Jumeirah Mosque that has arranged tours within the mosque, multiple times a day, excluding praying times.

During your Dubai vacations, you can also visit some of the neighbouring emirates. Ras Al Khaimah, which is far to Dubai from northeast is getting more and more famous for doing the cheaper backup for Dubai, being full of cheap hotels but with more and more resorts on the beach as well. If you want to have the perfect scuba diving experiences, visit Sharjah. Being next to Dubai, Sharjah also houses many cheaper hotels and good public transportation for Dubai. Umm Al Quain being between Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah is one of the most relaxed areas nearby Dubai, recently evolving to be a diver and surfer’s paradise. Dubai Vacations are as great as you imagine them so hurry up, as Dubai is waiting for you!

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