The World Islands

The World is a very controversial project of Dubai. It shows the beauty of human imagination and the unlimited will, to make such ideas as the World come true that seem and might later prove to be closer to being useless.

Dubai likes to create many things, which others might think about or would not create them anyhow. Its main ambitions these years is that they want to create only such architectural wonders that have never ever been made before, each of which a soon-to-be record breaker. The World was destined to break many world records and to bring something extraordinary into the life of architecture, which by far seemed either impossible or irrational, this by far it did.

There were all superlatives concerning the World, from the time its realisation was announced. It seems the biggest ever, most beautiful ever, best idea ever and we could go on. However, they were to do it on the orders of the Sheikh, emperor of Dubai. Therefore, who would dare to tell him no, to his idea?

The world is a huge-huge complex, which would have three hundred islands, almost as many as the number of the world’s countries together with some surrounding islands. The expectations were huge and the investments were promising. The first announcement happened in 2003 and the huge construction and sand-filling works have started with a good speed from around 2007 when the actual shape got closer to how it was imagined.

One of the main desires of the Sheikh Al Maktoum were, that if most country buy the islands of their own country, the world, together with its people and land would have been recreated in a miniature form. For the investors, there was an offer of earth shaping too, which means, that they buy a normal circle shaped island, and then later on, they can decide what shape they actually want, with how many bays and hills. They will have the chance to order this service from Nakheel.

Many worldwide companies already hinted their intention to buy the island of their countries, to make theme parks and other national business over there. Most famous of these were the islands of Great Britain, Ireland and the Russian islands. Some of the islands size equals the size of a smaller city, so the space was great and the World was a big pulling-power in the next years counting from 2003.

The financial crisis did very badly to the World though, so most investors and planned developers have straightaway backed out for an indefinite time. One of the most current news includes the purchase of fourteen islands to create a huge resort out of it called OQYANA. Many rumours are going on, but the World is empty; its islands have not a single plant, not to mention a standing house on it. Only one island has one house, which in itself is a sole representation of a plain house.

The islands of the World are still all-empty. There have been several rumours reflecting on the slow but sure sinking of the whole complex, which did not receive any confirmation. If the many plans of future investments would ever come true, The World would surely be the next Caribbean region of the world, even more famous. Let us hope to see this wonder getting ready soon. If not, then the Persian Gulf will gladly welcome its ground back.

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