Man Made Islands of Dubai

The Palm Islands are no doubt the finest architectural creations of the world. They are usually referred to as man made islands Dubai. These are the artificial islands on which residential and commercial infrastructure are being constructed by the famous property developers of UAE – Nakheel Properties. All the islands are just off the UAE coast and stretch over almost 520 kilometres of the beach. The three man made islands are Palm Jebel Ali, the Palm Deira and Palm Jumeirah, on which construction and development is yet to be completed. As per plans of the developer, each of these islands will be in the shape of a palm tree, which will have a crescent. There are plans of several residential apartments, entertainment zones, leisure activities, and shopping complexes.

As per the plans, the first two islands will be of nearly 100 million cubic meters of solid rock as well as sand. All materials were planned to be brought into the UAE. Several new technologies of dredging have been introduced for the islands. In each of these islands, there are plans for more than 100 hotels, beach side villas, hotels, apartments, marinas, restaurants, parks, entertainment zones shopping malls, sports centers and health spas. The man made islands Dubai are sure to give Dubai a new look.

Here are some facts about the three islands that make up man made islands in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah
It has been constructed in the shape of a tree and has a trunk, a crown surrounded by a crescent shaped island. There are several resorts, spas and entertainment zones in the region, making it a complete tourist spot. Moreover, there are plans to add a coastline to the island of more than 78 islands. Residents, who purchased homes in the region, started moving in to stay from 2006 and now this is the home to several families. There are nearly 1400 villas and 2500 shoreline apartments in the island. Like all other man made islands Dubai, this island too is expected to be one of the top destinations for tourism in Dubai.

Palm Jebel Ali
Construction in this island began in the year 2004, while the infrastructure work was started in the year 2007. Several architects were called in to plan the designs of some of the most famous buildings, and the best among the designs were chosen. There are plans to open the first four theme parks in the crescent in the year 2012. These parks will be a special attraction for the tourists with Discovery Cove, Busch gardens, Sea world and Aquatica. In the recent times, due to the global slowdown, prices of the properties in this island have fallen to a great extent.

Palm Deira
Construction for this island was announced in October 2004 but the plans for the project kept changing time and again. At present, the construction work has been stopped for this project due to severe financial crunch of the developer – Nakheel Properties.

The man made islands Dubai are simply extraordinary. For most of the elite people in Dubai, it is one of the dream destinations to visit and own a residence. If you plan to visit Dubai, do not miss out on these islands. They are truly worth the visit!

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