Explore the Beautiful Palm Deira Island

Explore the beautiful Palm Deira island, and its retail stores, restaurants, luxury hotel and the world’s largest aquarium! Palm Deira is one of the three artificial islands in Dubai, for which construction and development plans were announced in the year October 2004. It is well connected to the airport and is just half an hour drive away from it. The construction work is being carried out by the famous company Nakheel Properties – a famous property developer of UAE. The Island is very large and in order to carry out the work of reclamation easily, work was planned to be carried out in different phases, throughout the island.

The original design of Palm Deira that was first announced, was much larger (8 times) than Palm Jumeirah. It was planned to house nearly 1 million people. However, the original plan had to be changed due to the change in the depth in Persian Gulf. A redesign of the plan was made again in the year 2007. This brought a change in its area to a great extent. Earlier it was planned for a 14 km (8.7 mile) by 8.5 km (5.3 mile) island with 41 fronds. This was now changed to 12.5 km (7.76 mile) by 7.5 km (4.66 mile) island with 18 larger fronds.

Since the development was planned in phases, the first plan was the creation of Palm Deira Island. This portion of the project was just alongside the Deira Corniche. This is planned to be like a gateway to the Palm Deira and is strategically located between Al Hamriya Port and Dubai Creek. This is thought to help and bring in a great deal of development to the region.

As per the plans, the construction and developmental work started in the island slowly and steadily. Nearly 20% of the islands reclamation was over by the early days of October 2007. In this entire work near 200 million cubic metres were used. By April 2008, the work had progressed much faster. It was announced that almost a quarter of the Island was reclaimed. It had used a further 100 million cubic metres of sand in the process.

Nakheel Properties have several plans for the development of the region. Palm Deira promises to offer international living for all its residents. It is planned to be a truly unique tourist villa and one of the most sought after tourists destinations of the world. The residents can experience world class living conditions in one of the most stunning crescent shaped islands. It is planned to have some of the most magnificent villas, townhouses, hotels, resorts with several parks, marinas and beaches for the residents. There would be more than 8000 villas along with several shopping malls, entertainment zones, sports complexes, clubs and different kinds of public amenities. It would have been one of the most luxurious residential properties of the world – perhaps the 8th wonder of the world.

However, once more a new design was introduced for the Palm Deira project in the year 2008. This new plan reduced the construction of the site to a great extent. Unfortunately construction had to be stopped for this project site due to a financial crisis faced by the Nakheel Properties.

In October 2013 the developer, Nakheel announced to remodel this man made island project and rename it to “Deira Island”. It will have about 1400 retail stores, restaurants, a 250 room hotel and the world’s largest aquariums.

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