More About Dubai’s World Islands

Dubai is a rich land, where nothing is impossible to achieve. If anything extraordinary happens in the world, it is sure to have originated in Dubai. The recent Dubai World Islands project is a major project that started in the year 2003. If you have a look at the project from air (a bird’s view), you would think you are looking at a mini version of our planet. This is a real replica of the Earth, but on a far smaller scale. All the islands of the world seemed to be arranged in such a way that it resembles our own earth. It includes all continents in their perfect shapes and sizes. The project is estimated to be completed soon, when most of the homes will be handed over to those who have purchased it.

These man made attractions are being created by the highly renowned Nakheel Constructions. It is the same company, which is credited with the successfully creation of Dubai’s prestigious Palm Islands. A wharf in the shape of an oval will be surrounding all the islands giving it a natural look of the globe, which it resembles. Each of the individual islands is separated from the rest of the islands with a 164 to 328 feet stretch of ocean. One of the most interesting aspects of the Dubai World Islands is the design of the island. The design will amaze several people because it is totally built on the ocean. Huge quantity of sand was required for creating a foundation. This sand was then deposited in piles with the help of huge machinery, at different places as per the design. Rocks, rubble, sand and a lot of other material was used to cover up the ocean floor. However, on the surface layers, the sand was carefully mixed with clayey loamy soil, so that a fertile base could be provided to support plant growth. Tons of vegetation was also added to make the foundation strong. Later, the foundation of the infrastructure was laid on this base.

These islands are expected to become one of the prime locations for tourism, with several areas of tourists’ interests, many business ventures, as well as space for residences. The unique feature of these Dubai World Islands is that, in spite of being artificial, these islands are being developed in a way that helps them to retain their natural feel. The project is a total mirror image of the different continents, with nearly 300 islands. They are divided into different categories, which include private homes, resorts and large estates.

You will find many canals, some beautiful waterways, and several lakes in the Dubai World Islands. This is expected to be one of the emerging hubs of Dubai, with all kinds of opportunities and facilities for the tourists. Visitors will love the dining, shopping extravaganza and would love to spend their vacations in these extraordinarily beautiful islands. The islands will be well connected through out their total area of 250,000 through 900,000 square feet with taxis and air transport. Visitors can have a great time enjoying some of the best evening beach views and watch the shimmering lights of the beach.

Dubai World Islands is certainly worth a visit – no where in the world can you experience such marvelous beauty of nature, especially, one that is totally created by man. Plan your next vacation with your family and friends in these islands and experience world class amenities in an artificial world. Enjoy your vacation!

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