About Dubai

Dubai happens to be a part of the seven emirates and is the most densely inhabited city in the United Arab Emirates or UAE. The city of Dubai is located alongside the Persian Gulf’s southern coast on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is often referred to as the “Dubai City” so that it can be distinguished from the emirates.

The city is said to have been in existence for 150 years before the United Arab Emirates was formed. Dubai shares its primary functions, such as, political, legal, economic and military, with the rest of the emirates, but within a well knit federal framework. Dubai happens to be a populous city and is the second largest city of all the emirates after Abu Dhabi. The two emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai alone have veto power to be used over critical issues that have national importance in the legislature of the country. Since 1833, Dubai was ruled by the dynasty of Al Maktoun. The current ruler of the emirate is Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who also is the Prime Minister as well as the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates.

The major portion of the revenue for the emirate is generated from real estate, trade and other financial services.

Dubai was a village in the past that survived on fishing. The village was expanded only after the arrival inhabitants of Bani Yas tribe in the 19th century. Settlers from several places like India, Baluchistan and Iran have settled in this place.

The climatic conditions of Dubai are favorable for visitors. The climate is usually sunny all the year round with occasional showers of rain. The winter months are ideal for visiting the place and tourists fly in here during the months of November-March, which is the peak time for tourists. The summers are usually very hot with frequent sandstorms.

Dubai is now very famous for its cosmopolitan lifestyle that happens to be the melting pot of different cultures, which is indeed the most admired social scene. It feels good to see the east and the west sitting side by side. Dubai has also become famous over time for its exotic food and lifestyle. With several luxury hotels in Dubai and signature restaurants, you cannot just have enough of the emirate.

The city has everything that one could possibly ask for – the best of hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping avenues and everything else that you would want to explore while you are out for a tour. Dubai is a renowned shopping destination and people from all across the globe come here to shop for everything that they can think of. Dubai is also known to be “shopper’s paradise” because of the tax-free shopping rules. Also, real estate in Dubai has gained tremendous importance in the recent past and that contributes to the annual revenue of the city to a larger extent.

People in Dubai are very open-minded and have varied interest. Apart from their marine life, they also indulge in other leisure activities such as sports, wildlife sanctuary, power boat racing, horse riding, golf etc.

Transportation in Dubai is also very cheap as compared to other nations like the United States and Europe. Cars rule over the roads and are the safest and cheapest mode of transport in the city. Several car hiring companies are available here in the city to serve your purpose. Bus services are available as well, but limited.

Dubai has now become a dream city with landmark buildings, structures, marine life, rich culture, exotic food and great place for investment. Come to Dubai to fulfill all your dreams!

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