Discovering the Island of Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the smallest of the three islands that belong to the Palm group of islands of Dubai. It is one of those artificial islands that have been developed by Nakheel Properties, a company owned by the government. This artificial island is located on the coastal area of Dubai, increasing the shoreline of Dubai and proving itself as one of the most beautiful artificial islands of the world. It is soon to become one of the most visited regions of Dubai.

The island has been developed in the shape of a palm tree. It beautifully shows off a trunk, a crown which has 17 fronds surrounded by a crescent shaped island, which is almost 11 kilometers long. The total area of Palm Jumeirah is estimated to be bigger than 800 football pitches. The crown and crescent are well connected to the mainland by a bridge and a tunnel respectively. It is estimated that the region, when fully developed will become one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world. The Palm Islands are rightly referred to as the ‘Eight Wonder of the World’.

A lot has been planned by the developers of the island, which will make this place the most sought after destinations in Dubai. There are plans to have three kinds of villas in the island for residents and travelers to stay. These will be the elite Signature Villas, Garden Homes and the Canal Cove Town Homes. There are other plans to have beautiful shoreline apartment buildings, extraordinary shopping malls, several retail outlets, and beautiful beaches, marinas along with clubs, restaurants, and cafeterias. There are plans for more than 30 beachfront hotels in Palm Jumeirah catering to the thousands of tourists, who are expected to visit the region. There will be accommodation that will cater to families, single travelers, as well as to corporate houses.

Palm Jumeirah is the largest man-made island of the world for which construction was started in June 2001. More than 40000 workers from South Asia were involved in the construction work of the island, which was a mammoth task involving new techniques. The island was created by pouring in several million tonnes of sand into the deep sea bed with the help of dredgers. A special technique known as “rain bowing” was used in the process of reclamation of the land. Natural rock has been used in the creation of a natural breakwater in the island, which was created mainly to encourage sea life habitations. The total estimates cost involved in the project are almost US$12.3 billion. The first residential units were handed over to the proud residents in 2006. Today, nearly 500 families are already residing here and enjoying in one of the dream destinations of the world. It is expected that by the end of the year 2009, 28 hotels in the Crescent will open their doors to welcome the tourists.

Palm Jumeirah is set to become a tourist hot-spot in just a few years. Do not forget to visit this most beautiful man-made island in your next vacation.

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