Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

Getting to Dubai has always been the easiest, as there are dozens of airlines to choose from all airlines. Dubai International Airport is to this day the only airport that is handling passengers in the territory of Dubai. In addition, Dubai International Airport is the biggest airport in the Middle Eastern region and it is this airport, which is handling the biggest number of international passengers and international airlines.

Dubai International Airport is a huge airport, having three terminals, out of which the newest and largest Terminal, Terminal 3 was built to handle the flights of the Emirates Airlines exclusively. The Emirates, being the airline of the United Arab Emirates is handling more than half of the total air-traffic of Dubai International Airport. The Dubai International Airport has celebrated its 50th birthday in 2009. The building of the airport has started in 1959 to the order of the Sheikh of Dubai. Due to the growing need, the expansion of the airport started in 1998 with the construction of the second terminal. Then in 2008, the airport had to grow again due to the rapidly growing air and passenger traffic. So now, the airport has altogether three terminals. It is waiting for a further expansion of Terminal 3 by next year. The traffic is more than a million people every day and the number of cargo shipments is even more. The Cargo part of the Dubai International Airport is the main base of regional cargo handling, although now the new airport, Al Makhtoum International has also started to deal with cargo shipments.

Dubai International Airport welcomes almost every airline in the world. Due to its situation and to the high number of workers coming from all countries of Middle and South Asia, most of the airlines are with Indian or Pakistani base, out of which there are many new economical airlines too. The Airport also accepts many airlines that do not have any flights from and to Europe such as regional Arabic airlines, domestic airlines and countless different Asian airlines. Out of its terminals, Terminal 1 and 3 operates the international routes and Terminal 2 is to handle the domestic and regional flights, including the ones that have stopover in one of the region’s countries.

The main European airlines having flights to Dubai are the British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa and Austrian Air, which recently made an advertisement of having multiple daily flights to Dubai. A good choice is to try Turkish Airline if you want to go to Dubai from Europe. On the other hand, if you want to get the most economical ticket, then you should look up the flights of Air Arabia or the Indian Jet Airways, both being new in the market. For those departing from the United States, direct flights are also available such as Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and the Jet Airways as well with lots of job opportunities.

Dubai International Airport, the biggest airport of the Emirates is an enormous, luxurious, hi-tech airport, packed with shops, bars, restaurants to make sure that the waiting time at the airport is spent relaxed and pleasantly, and quality shuttle service for visitors coming. For the first class passengers it is the Royal Wing Club, which ensures that all its guests get great quality services. Dubai International Airport is in itself an attraction making sure that the one who visits Dubai will return soon.

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