The Best Airport Jobs in Dubai

Before you wonder about airport jobs in Dubai, you need to be motivated on why you would like to work there. The Dubai International Airport is big enough to offer many sorts of jobs though most of these are in so special fields that need some aimed studies beforehand.

Before we start talking about the possibilities of getting airport jobs in Dubai, let us enlist what sorts of jobs can be available in the Dubai airport, only very simply:

– Pilot jobs for carrying passengers or air freight- the requirement is different for these two- Any pilot related jobs need special licences and specialised studies. If you want to learn to be a pilot in the UAE, contact the Dubai Aviation College.

– Engineering jobs: aeronautics, mechanical engineering, machine –aircraft engineering, special engineering etc.

– Aviation specific jobs: like specific driver jobs, for those vehicles that help to fill the airplanes with kerosene, who will put the baggage into the aircraft, those who drive there with the stairs, those who pull the aircraft in position and those which show the aircraft way in bad weather conditions and we could go on with this enlisting. All sorts of special vehicles need the holding of special driving licence and several medical tests.

– Passenger contact jobs are those that the most people apply. These include all sorts of check-in and customer service positions, information desk positions, VIP passenger host positions and airhostess positions. With the exception of air –host or host position the others do not need any special knowledge, but need experience in ways of airport life and /or customer service.

The best chance is always for those who hold special licence or certificates. Most airports are always looking for specialised personnel; their problem is mainly that there are not those many from these. The customer related jobs though need the Arabic knowledge and even though you are stranger, you need to know at least some of the Muslim and Arabic etiquette.

The most problematic part for foreigners about getting a job in Dubai is always the language. Most employers looking for workers plan to employ those who speak Arabic or at least Indian (Hindi), as most people living in Dubai speak either of these two languages. The rest goes to travel and tourism related positions, where it is the English, French and other world languages, which dominate.

Yet do not give up, especially if you had previous airport connected customer service related positions. Take care and read the Dubai CV writing instructions. There are several details, which you would find especially useful on Dubai CV advices. All airport connected jobs you can find either on the website of the Dubai International Airport or at the site of Emirates Airlines, which is the main airline of Dubai, which has recently received its own large and dedicated terminal so it has lots of job, offers in the airport of Dubai and in fact at all Emirates related destinations.

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