Dubai Heritage & Diving Village

Dubai has numerous cultural heritage sites, and from the early 2000’s efforts are to preserve these, especially for the growing tourism. Dubai Heritage and Diving Village was created according to these intentions. The Dubai Heritage and Diving Village is indeed a great spot to get to know more about the culture of Dubai.

By the time the industry of tourism was born in England in the 1800’s, the main target of it was especially to see something new, something strange or so-far not experienced. The other reasons were and still are definitely climatic. To spend some time in a country with different climate has always been one pulling-power of tourism, especially, travelling to warmer climate. Other main motive has always been to see different flora and fauna. Moreover, in the last decade, one of the newest motives of tourism is the cultural and heritage tourism. The emphasis on cultural heritages has been growing continuously, ever since the huge globalization has started all around the world.

Dubai Heritage and Diving Village is interesting as most of it actually has been built and opened in the early 2000’. It is also interesting to note, that since the existence of UNESCO World Heritage Program, and realising that it gives a great deal of potential to tourism, Dubai as every county of the world has been continuously taking steps to protect many of its heritages. The main cause of this is that Dubai is a relatively new city and due to the careless reconstruction works, many of its historical sites have been partly or wholly demolished.

From the last decade, Dubai also puts a much higher emphasis to preserve its cultural, historical sites ever since they have realised that it is the main way to ensure a good tourism. They have also realised that with time, some of its cultural treasures may nominate for being a UNESCO acknowledged heritage site.

Dubai Heritage and Diving Village is a great site for cultural explorers to see how life was by the sea in the area of today’s Dubai. Not many know that the main income for people living by the sea next to fishing was pearl diving. Although pearl diving does not exist today, but tourists can still get to know a lot about it in the Diving Village part of the village.

The Dubai Heritage and Diving Village is a living museum, which means, that all its old-style Middle Eastern Arabic houses are protected and fully renovated to look their best, here one can see the traditional crafts of people made in the old times, such as pottery or the making of many tools from clay or palm-tree. People get a great portion of information about the lives of people back in those days of simple life. In Heritage Village part, people can visit the old-style “Barsat” big terraced homes, both from the inside and from the outside as well. You can even enjoy a great mint-tea with the owners. The Diving Village has several attractions aiming to teach visitors about this traditional work and main income creating business of the seaside people living in the Emirates.

One can spend a great relaxing day in the Dubai Heritage and Diving Village enjoying the atmosphere of the olden times. The unique about this place is that there are several people living there, mainly to sell their handmade goods, such as potteries, baskets and many types of souvenirs and even sometimes renting out their homes for tourists who would like to spend a longer time in the village. Dubai Heritage and Diving Village is open for visitors every day, except Sunday.

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