Dubai Grand Mosque

From the first time we visit a Muslim country, you can find high minarets, which you can see from afar, over the buildings as well. Dubai has created something unique standing in this architectural style. If you ever get to see the Grand Mosque of Dubai, you will for sure be flattered! The Grand Mosque of Dubai is definitely one of the greatest examples of neo-Islamic architecture, with all its beauty and elegance.

The Grand Mosque of Dubai, which was originally built in the 1900’s originally with the intention to give home to a “Kuttoub”, a traditional Islamic School, where children (strictly only boys) learned to read and to recite the Holy Quran day-by-day, year-by-year. Even it has first opened its doors as one, but about six years later, according to the decision of the government, they started the reconstruction work, in order to make the Grand Mosque of Dubai to be one of the greatest, biggest and most breathtaking mosques of the Islamic world.

In this way, the Grand Mosque has been created and it has opened its doors to the many worshippers first in 1998. Until date, nine large domes, and forty-five smaller ones had been built into it. This serves all the needs of the Muslims, which includes the woman and men. Separate entrances, praying domes, separate baths or „Hamams”, places to sit and to rest are all there. In the Muslim culture, a mosque does not only serve for praying, but people spend a lot longer time there. Sometimes, they relax, meditate or even fall asleep at times in the mosque. It also contains many details, which are taken from the traditional Persian architectural style. Inside the Grand Mosque of Dubai, you can see beautiful, shining blue facades, all the marvellous mosaics, all the beauties that only the most beautiful Islamic architecture can have. It is for sure that the beauty of the mosque will leave everyone wordless.

Also worth mentioning is that the Grand Mosque is the tallest Minaret in the entire Middle Eastern region with its 70 metres height. The tourists are allowed to visit this Minaret.

Now, coming to the discussion of the Islamic rules, people who are not Muslims are not allowed to enter to this Muslim mosque. For the most they can do is, visit some parts of the mosque. However, in this case, too, the dresses should be long, for men long trousers and a shirt, for women long dress or long skirt and something to wear over a long-sleeved shirt. These dress codes do apply not only for the visiting of such Muslim historical places but during their stay in any Muslim country.

The Grand Mosque situates in the old quarter of Dubai, or as the Arabic says, “Medina” of the Bur Dubai district. However, the Grand Mosque, together with its tallest Minaret is for sure one building you cannot miss during your visit to Dubai.

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