Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is the oldest district of Dubai, partly reconstructed and modernised but also conserving its main parts as they used to look like centuries ago. Bur Dubai is the right place for the cultural exploration of Dubai.

If you are looking for the most traditional part of Dubai, then the Bur Dubai district is the right choice for you. You can see the type of streets and buildings existing in the Muslim countries, visit their huge roofed souks the look of which have not been changed for centuries, see the great variety of goods ranging from fruit to the best quality of gold. When visiting the Bur Dubai district you can witness the daily life of people and some of its parts will for sure take you to a beautiful journey in the Dubai of the old times.

No wonder that most of the cultural heritages of Dubai are found in Bur Dubai, such as one of the oldest traditional Arabic homes, the magnificent house of Sheikh Saeed Al Makthoum, where you can see all the beauties of the ancient Muslim architecture both outside and inside. You can visit the grandiose Grand Mosque of Dubai, one the biggest and most beautiful mosques or in Arabic “Jamaa” of the Muslim world in the Middle East. The Dubai Museum has a colourful display of exhibitions, all of which are representing a fragment of the history of Dubai, with all its remains, from weapons until many artefacts and other treasured remaining of the past.

When in Bur Dubai, one must definitely visit the famous Heritage and Diving Village. This place takes us back to the times when Dubai existed as a simple anglers’ village. We can see several Arabic homes from the inside as well, and during a guided tour, we can learn so much on the lives of people back in those days and on the history of Dubai and the Emirates as well!

Bur Dubai is situated just by the sea, which means that one of the best and easiest ways to take a look at the most beautiful seaside homes is to take a little promenade around Bur Dubai. There are regular promenades going to or around Bur Dubai, in order for the visitors to take the most beautiful photos of the picturesque traditional Arabic homes. All the old-style houses in the Bur Dubai district have undergone renovations with a high care in order to conserve all their historical look and beauty for the future generations.

Bur Dubai also consists of different parts, such as the Al Shindaqfa area and the Bastakiya quarter. Out of the two, it is the Bastakiya, which is the Medina or Old Town part. Al Shindaqfa offers different types of attractions and it is the modern part of But Dubai. It is also interesting to note that the financial centre of Dubai is still found in Bur Dubai.

When we go for a walk in the Al Bastakiya part of Bur Dubai, just let you to be mesmerized by its lively streets, the rich smell of the oriental spices, the sound of the Aadan, calling Muslims for prayer, and do not miss the chance to taste some of the great Dubai food in one of its restaurants. Bur Dubai is by far the best place to feel the so-rich old-Arabic atmosphere of Dubai.

Located on the western side of the Dubai Creek, the Bur Dubai was, at one time, just a quiet stretch of sand with a few palm trees scattered everywhere around this place. If you take a trip along the Dubai Creek, you will find Bur Dubai on one side of the creek. There are a number of attractions here, which will make your visit to this place worthwhile. Here, you will find a number of tourist attractions, fantastic shopping options, and excellent hotels to suit your style and your purse.

Bur Dubai is also known as Dubai City, as the real financial centre of Dubai is found in Bur Dubai. You will find that the local Dubai authorities have their offices on this side of the creek also. The Dubai World Trade Centre which is one of the world’s top meeting and convention centers is located here. At any point of time, you will find that some or the other type of international meeting or convention would be in progress at one of the meeting halls or convention centers. Bur Dubai is a hub of international finance and commerce, as many foreign residents have made this place their home.

As a tourist, you will find that there a number of places of interest. The Al Shindafgha is one of the nicer areas of Bur Dubai, which is located at the mouth of Dubai Creek. The Heritage and Diving Village and the home of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum are found in this area. Just a stone’s throw away from this point is the Dubai Museum, which is worth a visit. The Diwan, which houses the main administrative body of the government, is located here. The private office of the ruler of Dubai is also housed in this building.

Bur Dubai has a number of beautiful and impressive mosques, but the Grand Mosque is extremely majestic and should be visited by all the people who make a trip to Dubai. The Grand Mosque is located near the Diwan. It has a minaret, which is nearly seventy meters high, and there are 54 beautiful domes, which adorn the mosque. This mosque was recently renovated at a whopping cost of 16 million Dhs. Now, this mosque can accommodate about 1200 people simultaneously, who come here to offer their prayers.

The Bastakiya district is a traditional area of Bur Dubai. Visitors who like to experience the traditional Arabic atmosphere come here. You will find a number of outdoor restaurants serving traditional Dubai food and you will notice a number of people enjoying the Shisha pipe with the other guests. Another interesting sight to be marked is the Barajeels or wind towers. They were constructed as a cooling system to cool a building and they work like the modern air conditioners.

There are a number of hotels here, in Bur Dubai, to look after your comforts. The best Bur Dubai hotels are the Moevenpick Hotel Bur Dubai, the Raffles Dubai, and the Royal Ascot Hotel. Many of the hotels have apartments and you have a wide choice of such hotels. Some of the hotels are the Al Faris Hotel Apartments, Arabian Dreams Hotel Apartments, the Grand Midwest, the Oasis Court Hotel Apartments, and the Savoy Suites Hotel Apartments.

Bur Dubai offers a wonderful choice of restaurants to tickle your tongue and appease your soul. There are a huge number of restaurants in this area and you may find it difficult to make a choice. Some of the wonderful restaurants are the 19th Street Café, Al Areesh, Al Borz, Al Malouf Restaurant, Al Tandoor, Ambassador Hotel, and Amby’s Restaurant & Grill.

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