Accommodations to Stay in Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai hotels are famous to most of those who have already been to Dubai several times. Bur Dubai is located by the Dubai Creek forming definitely the most pleasant part of Dubai. Bur Dubai hotels are very popular among those who cannot afford to stay at any of the luxury hotels on the Jumeirah Beach or if they simply long for a more cultural type of journey, where they can actually get to know the old downtown part of Dubai.

Not that Bur Dubai is old. Taken the fact that the whole Dubai city is not more than about a hundred years old, even the oldest streets of the town seem like a dummy compared to all the historical Arabic cities in the world. However, Bur Dubai has definitely beautiful parts, with the Al Bastakiya wind towered houses, the Dubai Heritage and Diving Village, the Dubai Museum housed in the oldest building in town, and the huge house of the Al Maktoum dynasty, which is today a museum that Bur Dubai definitely has so much to offer. It is not that the whole district is a Medina. Bur Dubai also has its glitz and glamour shopping sites and shopping malls, including the luxurious BurJuman Shopping Centre. The whole district is very famous for its entertaining qualities by all of its hundreds of little or bigger restaurants and its many shops. Being right next to the beautiful river-like Dubai Creek, you can easily use the local water taxi, to go to the opposite lying Deira district, which is the souk or marketplace district of Dubai, and you can take some wonderful cruises on the historical Dubai vessels, the dhows with performance and dinner.

Hereby we offer you some of the best and the cheapest hotels in Bur Dubai:

Rush Inn **: Rates starting from EUR 14 / Person/ Night

This is a great hotel located in the nicest old part of Bur Dubai, very close to the water of the Dubai Creek and the water taxi station. The hotel offers neatly furnished rooms; the breakfast is included in the price, so who can ever want more in Dubai? This is among the best economical places for tourists.

Golden Sands Apartment Hotel***: Rates starting from EUR 23 / Person / Night

This hotel is located nearby the huge BurJuman shopping centre and features totally equipped nicely decorated apartments with a kitchenette and fridge. The hotel has one, two and three bedroom apartments. The hotel also has a great restaurant. Breakfast here is not included in the price; it costs EUR 11/ Person.

Admiral Plaza***: Rates starting from EUR 18.52

The hotel is very well equipped with nice modern rooms with TV, restaurant in the hotel, swimming pool area and the breakfast is included in the price.

Imperial Suite ***: Rates starting from EUR 24, 12

With a rooftop swimming pool and greatly furnished air-conditioned rooms, this hotel is a sure bet in the very heart of Bur Dubai. The hotel has a nice restaurant and breakfast is in the price.

Some good-to-knows:

– Hotels do not exactly work like in Europe and in the States. If you see a good price with breakfast included, that is the best, but many hotels still exists where you have to pay an extra. Always make sure of this, otherwise you may have to pay double for your holidays.

– All the hotels have air conditioned rooms and close to all of them have their own poolside area which is a great fact

– All the hotels give some sort of internet facilities in their lobby

These were some of the best economical and quality Bur Dubai hotels in Dubai. The district is also good because the airport is much closer here than to the New Dubai Part, so it is a perfect site for spending a couple of days or weeks. Bur Dubai hotels are all clean and the service is very fine at most of the places. Choose Bur Dubai to get the real Arabic atmosphere of Dubai.

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