What To Do at Night in Bur Dubai?

Bur Dubai is one of the main hubs of Dubai nightlife; there are dozens of all sorts of clubs, restaurants, bars and discos. Bur Dubai has a high number of hotels and it is very popular among tourists for its historical attractions and for the closeness of both the sea and the Grand Canal of Dubai, which is the Dubai Creek. Let us see some of the most outstanding places of Bur Dubai nightlife.

Bur Dubai is on the left bank of Dubai Creek and its considered as the historical part of the city called Medina sometimes. The Bur Dubai district, thanks to its relative closeness and that it kept the Arabic style city outlook the most, today counts as one of the cheapest places to stay while you are in Dubai. The area of Bur Dubai is full of hostels, hotels and apartotels. Therefore, the nightlife is rich over here. Bur Dubai flourishes in the evening, with its tasty restaurants of all sorts of ethnic cuisine. Let us look at the main categories of places where you can enjoy all what Dubai nightlife has to offer

There are some important things to learn about mostly during the experimenting of Dubai nightlife: you should stay away from most of the Indian clubs unless you are a man who is only willing to go out to spend on and watch women dancing. In Indian nightclubs, only the women dance on the stages who are employed by the bars themselves. There are several bars or nightclubs like this in Dubai; the more time you spend exploring the Dubai nightlife the more you will see where not to go. The Bollywood Bar, the Manzil or the Mehfil are all these type of places. If you want some rhythm, head for the Club Se7en in the park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, the Krossroads in the Imperial Suites Hotel and the Pulse in the Mövenpick Bur Dubai. Rock Bottom Café is one of the best-visited clubs in the area, just facing the BurJuman Shopping Centre in the Regent Palace Hotel. Visit the Submarine in the Dhow Palace Hotel to see a really unique place. The Music Room and the Liquid Club is for serious clubbers. Rockafellas in the Regal Plaza Hotel is also great for dancing. For those looking for pub fun and sports TVs there are plenty of choices in Bur Dubai. Visit the High Mile Club, the Huddle Sports Bar in Citymax and we could go on. Dubai nightlife is indeed colourful in Bur Dubai.

If you want, a great bar for chatting up friends mainly or to go there pre-partying, then go for the Lounge, which is a great place without the usual aggressive air condition that applies for too many sites in { Dubai}. Visit the Sherlock Holmes Pub or the Viceroy Pub and the Waxy’s in the Ascot Hotel is also a must-see place. Before starting to get to know Dubai nightlife more here are some rules, which are to be kept by everyone: good dressing for men and for women too. If the bouncers at the entrance do not like you, they will not let you in. Men alone are not let into many places and even it is risky for a group of men to get in. Try to persuade a female friend to escort you or someone by the entrance to tell that you are together.

Bur Dubai nightlife is colourful and enjoyable after you get to know which are the places that are seriously not for the Western taste or way for many reasons. Luckily, there is something for everyone in Bur Dubai nightlife; therefore, there is nothing to worry about: you will surely find the best club for you.

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