Best Time To Visit Dubai

Dubai, being a relatively new top destination receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year with the intention to make this number grow further. They do all their best to keep their top-season as long as possible. Dubai has good features to be a pleasant and desired tourist destination, with its beautiful desert and hundreds of manmade attractions, all made in favour of tourism. Therefore, if you are thinking about when to go to Dubai, then the answer is simple. You can visit Dubai nearly anytime of the year! Visiting Dubai also includes other factors.

Questioning when to go to Dubai is a question that you can ask in many ways, and all the questions will lead to a different reply. The answer depends on many things. One thing is what are you up to do in Dubai?

For cultural travel, when to go to Dubai?
For a cultural travel, which includes much of walking and exploring, the best time to go is from winter to spring or from the early autumn to the mid-winter season.

When to go to Dubai for a Sea-Sun-Sand vacation?
If you want to spend your time mostly on the beach or in water parks, then the best time is from early spring to early summertime. The best months of summertime are the June and the beginning of July. From May, the heat starts to grow and during the day, it can reach even 48 Celsius degrees. However, according to the fact, since Dubai’s climate is dry, so the heat without the humidity is bearable.

When to go to Dubai for shopping and entertaining reasons?
For shopping travel, you can visit Dubai anytime, as every shopping mall are air-conditioned and all the shops are open throughout the day till the late evening hours, with the exception of Friday, which counts the main weekend day of the week. Therefore, you may find many shops closed especially in the morning.

When to go to Dubai, if you want to spend much of your time in the desert?
The best time to visit the desert is in the spring or autumn season as in the summer, heat can go higher, which makes it close to unbearable in this time of the year. Yet, if you are in Dubai and feel the urgent need to go to see the beautiful desert, there is some overnight safaris, when you can really be amazed by the desert and not having to suffer in the heat.

Deciding when to go to Dubai is not an easy task, considering the average vacation time we get, but as you can see Dubai is always wide open to welcome its visitors. Thus, it does not really matter in which season you visit, if you try to suit the season with your actual requirements for your holiday. When to go to Dubai will become an unimportant question as soon as you are there. Then, the biggest problem of yours will be when to go back home, as there are so many beauties and attractions, that it is likely you may not be able to come home when planned.

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