Top 3 Water Parks in Dubai

Dubai is a lively city and it has many attractive sites that’s why every year tourists flooded Dubai. Dubai has excellent facilities that allow people visiting to enjoy and to feel comfortable in Dubai. Dubai luxury holidays promises a great experience. Dubai offers a lot to tourists to get entertained. The warm sea is enough to make someone feel relaxed and comfortable, but for more adventure, there are famous water parks and great apartments which you can rent while on holiday in this great city.

Wild Wadi water park is between Burj Al Arab luxurious hotel and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Wild Wadi is seeing directly at the Arabian Sea. The water park is ranked as among the top 10 attractive site in Dubai. It has several options for fun and entertainment. The water park has wave pool and many water slides. There are gift shops at the water park where tourists can buy memorable items.

At the water park there is the Jumeirah Sceirah which is a popular slide at Wild Wadi. The slide was made for fun and most people enjoy this slide. It is a 33 metre lng, speed slide and a rider can flow at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. If you want fast free fall at the water park then go for Jumeirah Sceirah. The latest Wild Wadi ride is the Tantrum Alley incorporating 3 tornadoes and water slides. There is the Burj Surj that has 2 large sections. 5 riders can sit at the tube where they will be thrust into 2 spinning spirals and end up into a 2 spinning spirals.

Safety is guaranteed at the water park, as there are many trained lifeguards ready to save any person who is in danger. The water park received Dubai Quality award because of offering first class family day. Carrying food and drink at the water park is not allowed, but there are different dinning options inside. There is the Sinbad’s Galley restaurant, Julshan’s kitchen restaurant, Alis’s BBQ etc. The park is open every Friday up to 10 PM and you can take advantage of this late closing time during your family holiday.

Aquaventure is another great water park in Dubai, located on the famous Palm Jumeirah island, its a part of the amazing Atlantis The Palm hotel. The water park was constructed in a 42 acre piece of land. It offers places for fun such as Speedslide, Master Blasters, Rapids, Rivers, a private beach, splashers children’s play area and a lush tropical landscape. You will find the most extreme slides in this park. There is the shark attack which is a slide that enables riders to see first hand the great sharks which are floating past them. The park has one of the largest family play structures. There is the water playground which is meant for the young kids who are less than 1.2 meters in height. It offers a lot of spills and thrills for the young children. The water park also offers a venue for special events which is located at the banks of river Torrent. This is the best place for out of hour events after a whole day of fun.

A 45 minutes north Journey to Umm Al Quwain will present you with an opportunity to access one of the best water parks near Dubai, the Dreamland Aquapark. This is the best place for kids to have fun. The water park presents one with an open space and a vast area of greenery. The play area has water bouncers for babies, water bikes, splasher’s area and dolphins.

There are restrictions at the Dubai water parks and take time to understand them. Check the rules before taking a ride. The all of these water parks are great places to enjoy your holiday with your family. You can book for tickets to the water park through the internet. Booking online saves your time and money as you will get discounts. There are free life jackets for those who visit the local water parks.

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