Port Rashid

Port Rashid

Port Rashid or on its other used name Mina Rashid, was the very first commercial port of Dubai, according to the ideas of Sheikh Al Maktoum, the governor of Dubai. Port Rashid is under reconstruction today, plans to welcome exclusively ocean liners and cruise ships.

Port Rashid first opened its doors in 1972. The huge artificial port district has constructions in the centre of Dubai, where Dubai Creek ends in the Persian Gulf. There are many tourist attractions nearby, as Medina centre of Dubai is located there. They are called Bur Dubai and Deira districts, both treasure the past and traditional life of Dubai, packed with old streets, souks and many heritage sites. Deira soon plans to establish the third and hugest Palm Island, which is to become the largest–ever manmade island complex. Deira, the former capital and seat of the Al Maktoum family is under heavy renovation in order to remain the main jewel of Dubai.

Bur Dubai district, facing Deira on the other side of the Dubai Creek offers most of the entertainment sites together with the old and traditional streets of Al Bastakiya. Bur Dubai houses the biggest mosque of Dubai, the beautiful Grand Mosque as well. At the end of Dubai Creek, there is also a water taxi main station. Water taxis is a big help in passenger transportation along the Dubai Creek. On the other hand, water taxi is also a great attraction of this area.

Port Rashid had renovations and enlargements several times, but since a decade, Dubai has started to realise that it would be wiser to build a bigger commercial port outside the city. The new port will be located in the new Jebel Ali Freezone and so, Port Rashid will welcome the touristic part of the water transportation. The main developer, Nakheel will also create a large touristic centre on one part of Port Rashid.

Port Rashid occupies quite a large territory of more than three-square kilometres. As the port has Dubai Maritime City in its direct neighbourhood, which is the world’s largest maritime base to open next year, it is no wonder that Port Rashid will also exchange its main role. Dubai Maritime City will to contain huge residential areas, cruise-building area, and marine and water sports-area, just to mention a few. As from then on, the Maritime City will deal with the smaller cruise and yacht traffic of the area, Port Rashid will welcome the big ocean liners.

It is interesting to note that when Dubai has decided to buy the huge Queen Elizabeth II, the biggest ocean liner of its time and the huge boat now docks at Port Rashid as well. It has plans for redevelopment into a hotel and entertainment centre within Dubai, though the exact place where it will stand is still not yet decided.

Situated within the downtown area, Port Rashid has all the potential to become one interesting and important part of the city as soon as its renovation finishes. Port Rashid is partly operating now and it schedules to be ready in about two years.

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