Adventure at the Sega Republic

The Dubai Mall is a complete world of fun. The entertainment house contains 5 zones of ultimate entertainment for people of all ages. It is popular for being the first theme park in the entire region too. While being in Sega Republic you will be able to get a closer experience of all your favourite Sega games that you have been playing for ages. Here you can not only enjoy 9 amazing heart stopping attractions but its 150 amusement games will keep you occupied throughout your trip to the Sega Republic too.

Sega Republic, being the high adrenaline theme park is conveniently located at a space of 76,000 sq ft. Sega republic is the result of Emaar Retail’s co-operation with the Sega Corporation that is based in Japan. Sega Corporation is widely famous for creating some of the best games including the Sonic the Hedgehog series. This amazing theme park will allow you to get the incredible experience of high-tech entertainment. The park will surely make you come back to enjoy more of its thrilling adventures because you will not be able to check out all of its adventures in one single day.

The nine amazing attractions of this theme park include sonic hopper, Halfpipe canyon, spin gear, Initial D4 limited along with Storm-G. This amazing park is sure to thrill not only the youngsters but those also who are young at heart. Several other attractions of Sega Republic theme park are spread over different zones; Adventure, Speed, Syberpop, Redemption and Sports. Sega Republic offers a wide range of adventures and games ranging from the classic carnival games to simulated sports games and action packed games to certain prize winning redemption games also.

Different zones of the Sega Republic offer diverse entertainment opportunities to the visitors like the Speed zone offer thrilling sonic hopper and the spin gear is part of the adventure zone. The spinning coaster is full of visual effects and is based on the evil attempt of capturing Sonic the Hedgehog by Dr. Eggman in the Sega game. You can test your skills at the sports zone and can play the latest sports simulation games at this section. Halfpipe canyon is one of the major attractions of this place which is a snowboarding half pipe. The Cyberpop zone of Sega Republic offers amazing virtual experiences along with lighthearted fun to the visitors.

Hence, with so many different zones offering such amazing attractions, one might get puzzled about going to the right place. It is recommended to spare one day for each zone and experience the thrills of all the zones separately at Sega Republic.

With the immense progress in technology, video games have made magic in the industry. From young kids to high professionals, people belonging to all age group take it as the best leisure activity. Each year thousands of editions of such video games are played by the people and even played at the public spots. One such high tech theme park is a gem in the Dubai Mall. The lavishing mall owns the Sega Republic that has offered many attractions with more than 100 games. These games range from the ultimate visual experience to the complex motion tasks. The games stand for the true magical invention of the new century.

One of the major attractions in Sega Republic is spingear, a roller coaster ride, in which the Dr. Eggman is the key character and each game of this zone revolves around its adventure. The joyride of wild wing will hold your heart for some time with its never-ending fun ride. The safari ride of wild jungle will truly makes your senses go wild with the jumps and twists of the jungle ride. Apart from the thrilling rides, games involve shooting like let’s go jungle is an extraordinary experience of fun in Sega Republic. The drop of sonic hopper with a twist will keep your mouth open with screams as you experience the thrill in 9m drop.

The capsule race of storm-G makes you feel like racing in the real Ferrari and give you the timeless fun. The rotation of the capsule will give the ultimate reality to the ride. Even Sega Republic offers the zone where you can check your true driving skills by making all the twists and turns that you don’t feel comfortable in making on the real road. Apart from these racing games in Sega Republic the inclined drop on a snowboard called halfpipe canyon is extremely admired by the young people living in Dubai. The twist with the angle of 360 will make your score higher, so get on spinning and make as much score, as you desire.

Sega Republic has offered different modes of tickets according to the customer’s needs. There is a variety of day passes as well as individual passes to enjoy any category that you admire most. There are bonus points offered on specific amount and exciting packages comes in the way at festival seasons. One of the extraordinary features of the Sega Republic is its spectacular range of offerings for a school/university trip or birthday parties.

There is enough space for free parking and ambience starts from the first counter of entrance. Staff guides professionally about the major attractions and provides enough information to truly enjoy the fun rides at its full glory. The security factor is maximized on each ride and has all the details of age limitations and health risks. First aid facility is also there to avoid any unhealthy activity. The effective management and strictness in following of rules has made Sega Republic a standard theme park to visit.

If you visit Dubai for a leisurely trip, then visiting this place will enable you to share your incredible experiences with your loved ones back home too. If you are visiting Sega Republic on the local weekdays then make sure to get an idea about its opening timing. The theme park opens from 10 am to 11 pm from Sunday to Wednesday and 10 am to 1 am during the local weekends.

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