SEGA Republic

With its name being a brand itself, we can get a clue what SEGA Republic is all about! SEGA Republic sounds like a computer game and indeed, when it comes to SEGA, then it is about computer games! SEGA Republic, being part of the Dubai Mall is very famous among the computer-game fans, mainly children but not limited to them.

SEGA is one of the main brands, especially of the junior computer games like the famous trademark SEGA figures such as Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog that everyone knows. SEGA Republic is a huge area of more than seven thousand square meters containing various computer games, attractions connected to any of the SEGA games in its diverse areas.

SEGA Republic, situated in the biggest shopping centre in the world called Dubai Mall, opened to the happiness of thousands of tourists and locals. Dubai Mall alone houses many record-breaking results and efforts. For example, it has the biggest sweets shop in the whole world. SEGA Republic is also definitely one of the largest-ever theme park dedicated to computer games.

In SEGA Republic, one can choose from more than four hundred currently existing games of SEGA. Among the most famous ones, we can find the Terminator game based on the high selling movies or the Deadstorm Pirates. For the ones liking peaceful games, there is the virtual Ping Pong or the Mini Rider 2 a virtual rollercoaster experience and the very popular Guitar Hero.

We can distinct the two main areas of SEGA Republic by their names and all have their own task and reason. The first part of it is called Redemption Zone, housing exclusive redemption games of all kinds in all quantities, such as Whack-a-Mole or Cops N’ Robbers. The second part is the Speed Part, which has altogether nine subareas, both of them located on two floors. Here the place is so huge that one can even drive a little car! Among the countless attractions, we find rollercoaster of all speed and of all kind. For example, the Springer and the Wild Wing, both of which are especially high-speed rides, the Wild Jungle, a special Rollercoaster, which gives you the feeling as if you are in a jungle yourself. The Sonic Hopper is a large facility, which drops and twists you too, sometimes at the same time! It is definitely not for those having a bad stomach or those who have eaten too much. Here in SEGA Republic, you will see virtual computer games of every type and kind ranging from the moving ones to the 3D virtual games.

SEGA Republic will lead you to such a virtual world that you have never experienced before. If you take your family there, then surely your children will want to return to the place repeatedly. However, it is highly advised to take children to SEGA Republic once they are over at least 8 years of age. For visitors entering the SEGA Republic, it is highly important to read all the regulations concerning the age-limits and the usage of every vehicle before the usage of all attractions.

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