Al Bustan Centre

Al Bustan Centre is a very interesting and beautiful complex, not only having shopping possibilities, but also offering apartments for people to stay. In style, the Al Bustan Centre reminds us of the Gallery Lafayette, the most popular shopping centre of Paris. If you can take a visit to Al Bustan Centre, then you will see that, here shopping is all about luxury. The hotel of Al Bustan Centre is idea for businesspersons arriving in Dubai.

We may find the name of Al Bustan familiar in connection with a quite famous hotel-chain the Al Bustan Rotana, out of which there are multiple in Dubai. Yet, Al Bustan is big on his own name as well, which it proves with this shiny, luxury complex called Al Bustan Centre and Residence which is definitely one of the most luxurious hotels of Dubai, mainly for executive guests and high profile delegations. Al Bustan Centre is part of the complex and it is a miniature shopping mall with plenty of stores and services on offer. Let us explore what we can see within this exclusive Dubai shopping mall.

Al Bustan Centre is not an ordinary shopping mall. Al Bustan Centre is partly managed by the world famous Saudi Arabian Rotana concern, one of the richest entertainment companies in the world. The developers along with the designers did their best to create a luxury resort for those who love the best quality services, together with shopping and fitness possibilities. Al Bustan Centre being close to the airport makes it ideal for stay to all those who need to spend a night or a short time in Dubai. That is why the hotel partly offers its services for airlines to host their cabin crews.

Next to Al Bustan Centre and Residence, there is also another Al Bustan hotel, called Al Bustan Beach Hotel. This hotel, as part of Al Bustan concern is also great for all those who would like a little bit of diversity. Al Bustan Centre is also located close to the downtown. Due to its location, there are varieties of public transportation opportunities.

Al Bustan Centre and Residence has been divided to more areas: the Executive Club, the Business Centre, the Crew Lounge, all operate as parts of the Al Bustan Residence Hotel and each provides the maximum hotel and additional services to the beneficence of the customers. Both the Executive Club and the Business Centre is specialised to welcoming top-guests, managers, directors and their crew. The Crew Lounge is specifically for accommodating cabin crews of diverse international airlines.

Al Bustan Centre, the shopping area, has around a hundred shops, all carefully selected in order to provide all kinds of luxury items for the customers. The special attraction of Al Bustan Centre is their beautiful theme park for children called Fantasy Kingdom. Fantasy Kingdom is a real land of wonders for children of every age. The interiors of Fantasy Kingdom make the whole place look like a beautiful castle of fairy tales. The collection of games varies from computer games to great carousel rides. There is also a fantastic bumper car ride and a great fun game called Bottle Toss.

The Health Club of Al Bustan Centre offers various possibilities to relax along with some sports. The Health club has two tennis courts, a great gym, different saunas and steam rooms and a great huge swimming pool. It is great to enjoy all these after a tiresome day.

Al Bustan Centre and Residence has five main areas: the Al Bustan Residence, the Al Bustan Centre, the Fantasy Kingdom, the Health Centre and the Food and Beverage Court. Each area is very important for the life of the whole Al Bustan Complex, which has an exclusive apartment residence building, with a concierge and reception services with business centre and meeting rooms. Its health centre is a complete spa with swimming pool and the Fantasy Kingdom is the best fun ever for children with a great nanny service and babysitting.

Al Bustan Centre is located very near the Dubai International Airport in the Al Nahda district that also has a Metro Station very near the Bustan Centre. Therefore, the complex receives several guests who do not stay for a long time, or stay only as transit passengers. Most shopping malls in Dubai are built in order to serve customers but Al Bustan shopping centre is mainly serving those who stay at its Residence part. Yet, contrary to this, the Al Bustan Centre is quite big even though it is not even a midsized mall according to Dubai standards. The shopping mall has 95 stores offering all sorts of luxury goods that range from jewellery to luxury apparel and accessories including handbags and shoes. Some of its most notable stores include Paris Gallery that offers a wide range of luxury cosmetics and accessories for its visitors. Al Bustan Centre also houses a Damas Jewellery which is one of the best jewellery stores in Dubai, offering the widest variety of its own and international jewellery and watches brands. Many luxury textile exist stores within this mall that offer the most beautiful exclusive textiles for luxury garments, such as Jillaba or Abaya.

Of course there are plenty of stores inside Al Bustan Centre that offer a wide range of Western outfits as well. The shopping mall also has its spa and beauty centre, there is hairdresser and cosmetic services.

Overall, Al Bustan Centre is a great luxury place if you are on a business trip, or if you have the wallet to stay at such place. Otherwise, Al Bustan Centre is great to visit, even if you are not staying there you can see its shopping centre and can visit the health club as well.

Al Bustan Centre is located a little bit further from the actual city centre points of Dubai. Therefore, we don’t really suggest you to do great tours to get here, but in case you need to spend a long time in transit and have nothing much to do, the Al Bustan Centre offers a nice refreshing walk and some good food along with the shopping experience.

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