Al Futtaim Centre

Al Futtaim Centre is located in the heart of Deira. This is not a big shopping mall yet it has some features that make it an interesting place to go. Al Futtaim Centre is really worth visiting if you are in Deira and in this article, we will try to highlight those qualities that make this shopping mall a good place to visit.

Al Futtaim Centre is part of the Al Futtaim Group, which is arguably one of the biggest retail and construction groups of Dubai. Al Futtaim has its own retail and jewellery range and there is hardly one business activity in Dubai in which you would not find Al Futtaim, The huge company was the one that created Mall of the Emirates too and members of the Al Futtaim family are in the managing director of several top banks of Dubai. Quite interestingly, Al Futtaim Centre does not want to stand out of the crowd the way many others do yet it is a nice place for shopping. Its best two features are two stores, as Al Futtaim Centre houses the largest store of the international toy brand called Toys R Us. If you find similarity between Toys R Us and the furniture brand Homes R Us, it is not accidental though. Currently Toys R Us is the largest chain of toy stores in the world having been established in 1995. The toy company has agreement with all the well-known toy makers such as Matel, so there is no toy, which you would not be able to find in the stores of Toys R Us. This one in the Al Futtaim Centre is huge and it is the meeting point and popular free time activity to get visited by lots of local families who would like to buy some toy novelties for their children.

Al Futtaim Centre is also famous for housing one of the biggest Marks & Spencer stores of Dubai. Mark & Spencer has become one British classic brand over the centuries and it is still among the top quality brands all around the world. Marks & Spencer deals with high quality textile; it has its own underwear department that also deals with swimwear and it deals with women and men’s apparel. Over the last few years, Marks & Spencer has been trying to adapt a new, fresher image, as we all know that its clothes are primarily designed for the mature generations and it does not really deal with overly trendy or teenage apparel. This is why today you can see much more colours when looking around at Marks and Spencer but the targeted age groups have primarily stayed the same. In England Marks & Spencer department stores even have their own delicate department, unfortunately this one you won’t find in Dubai’s Marks and Spencer but you will find the M&S  Cafeteria where you can taste some pretty good cakes and coffee specialties, Here, you may also find some pretty great deals here with good discounts.

Apart from these two stores, Al Futtaim Centre houses a large number of Women’s, Men’s and Children’s or Baby apparel. It has its own optical stores, its pharmacy and a nice playing are for the children called Kids Play together with a food court Futtaim Centre, right next to Salah Al Din Metro Station 2, so you cannot really miss it when you are in its area.

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