Traveling to Dubai at Christmas

Dubai is located in the country of the United Arab Emirates. UAE is a union of seven sheikdoms formed in 1971 after the British withdrew form the Gulf. The country prides itself of its geographic beauties – beaches, deserts, mountains, and oases – and its colorful culture.

There are two faces of Dubai – old Dubai, the remnant of a glorious past, with its ancient mosques and numerous souks or markets; and modern Dubai, the mirror of a grand future, with its sleek architecture, towering skyscrapers, and beautiful artificial islands.

Dubai is a beautiful land to visit, both for business and for leisure. Others go overboard and engage in both – it’s not hard to, when you are in a paradise like Dubai.

The best time to head to Dubai is during the months of November to April, when the climate is the best and the weather is cooler than normal. During Christmas there are a lot of amazing deals at the malls, and exciting activities and parties for the New Year’s Eve.

Watch out for their holidays, though – especially Ramadan, which in the Western calendar takes place at a different time. Ramadan is the Muslim month of fasting, and as such, bans are imposed. At best rude and at worst illegal, eating, drinking, and smoking in public from sunrise to sunset is unheard of during Ramadan. Hotel rates are dropped to 50% of their normal cost, so there is an advantage.

Going to Dubai would not be a problem at all – a lot of tourism and travel companies offer their variety of Dubai holidays. Each package varies depending on factors such as means of transportation, accommodations, length of stay, and so on.

Plan your holiday well – it will make or break your vacation. Plan way in advance – contact a good travel company, arrange your visas, book your hotel and flight accommodations – especially if you are planning to enjoy Dubai in Christmas. It is the busiest time in Dubai, as the climate is at its best during that time.

Landing in the Dubai International Airport is a lavish reminder that you are on your way to the greatest vacation experience of your life. The airport offers state-of-the-art services and facilities. Lest you enjoy too much, remember to fulfill formalities like passports and visas and other papers.

Stop over at your hotel before you do dome sightseeing. Elegant hotels are not lacking in Dubai, especially at Bur Dubai, located at the heart of the city. Excellent services and sophisticated furnishings get along each other.

To go around Dubai, the buses are the best mode of transport. They are relatively cheap, though you can always use the state taxis that have fixed rates or the private taxis that require superior negotiation skills.

Tourist attractions are abundant. Experience history in the Dubai Museum. Visit landmarks like the Clock Tower or Port Rashid. Get a glimpse of the land’s rich heritage and drop by the Al-Bastakiya Area and the Faheidi Fort. Shopper’s paradise like the Wafi Shopping Mall and the must-go-to Gold Souk will leave you gasping for more, and you can also stop by entertainment parks like Ski Dubai and the Wild Wadi.

There are a hundred and one reasons to go to Dubai – lucrative business opportunities, exotic locales, or even shopping and entertainment. Dubai has it all and more. Visit Dubai travel directory for more detailed information, and doube check your Dubai travel deals agencies offered you, to choose the best for your vacation needs.

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