Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

With the reputation that Dubai has as a metropolitan haven for holiday makers and business travelers, it is easy to forget that it is located not far from a large and astonishing expanse of desert that is enough to impress geographers and tourists. Amid all the concrete, glass and steel, it is possible to miss the fact that there is an expanse of sand and palm trees which make the city a metropolis among desert. Although there are many people who would be put off by this, preferring a bit of greenery, the fact that Dubai’s authorities have managed to make the desert grow, in addition to the close proximity of the coast, means that there is something for everyone here.

Many of the hotels in Dubai are buildings which, if they were located in New York, London or Madrid, would look and feel almost exactly the same, except for the climate outside. In Dubai, there is a strange feel that the city is a triumph of science and architecture over nature. But not all of its hotels are like this. You have not got to travel far outside the main city to see some of the impressive desert land, and some hotels even use it to their advantage. One such hotel is the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa. The definition of the word “oasis” is a location where the desert traveler can rest and take a cool drink, almost a refuge in the middle of what are genuinely harsh conditions. The Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa is by definition just such a thing.

Traveling to Dubai is something that all keen travelers should do at least once in their life. There truly is something for everyone there, from the business traveler who is in town to benefit from the city’s huge reputation as a business location to the holidaying family, who want to have entertainment laid on and activities for the children. The Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa has something for each of these and everyone else, and benefits from a setting that not many other hotels can boast. While the majority of Dubai’s other hotels have gone the extra mile to provide a tourist experience that is not out of character with other travel destinations, the Al Maha uses the unique location at its disposal to make a really different travel experience for its visitors.

Some rooms have their own private plunge pools which afford the guest the wonderful experience of having a relaxing dip overlooking the desert itself and the wildlife that it contains. Inside the room itself, the décor is specifically Arabian and evokes a real feel of something different and special. The activities available for the guest include camel rides in the desert, and are overseen by staff who are supernaturally friendly and helpful. In short, it is not a choice you will regret should you decide to stay at the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa.

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