Al Sahra Desert Resort

Dubai, apart from the fact that it is a modern and huge beachside city, is not far from the desert at all. The huge Dubai Desert surrounds the whole city from each direction. The Dubai desert is one of the most beautiful deserts that are worth seeing, but in fact, all the deserts are worth seeing. This is because deserts are one of the few places where you can really feel the intensity of the heat and the importance of life. You can feel how the French legionnaires feel after spending months or even years in the huge desert. Al Sahra Desert resorts will not bring you authentic legionnaires but it will do its best to bring back some of the remains of the old style Arabic architecture and even more of today’s luxury lifestyle in Dubai. Al Sahra Desert Resort is one of the most suitable desert settlements for you to visit.

Long time ago, when there were no cars, only camels and when the water in the desert counted more in value than a large piece of diamond today, the wadis or Oasises were the only places where the thirsty travellers could get water and food and gain force to carry their trip across the huge Arabian desert. The wadi or Oasis was the most treasured settlement of the old times. The importance of wadi is still present in Dubai, when we see the many names where the word wadi is also present. Then, with the new age and the coming of the cars, the wadis started to lose a bit of their importance. However, they decided to resettle and change their profile. Today’s wadis are called desert resorts where the modern traveller can get if only a little clue about the desert life and gain some relaxing time in the desert. Modern wadis have started to be built all around the Middle East and Africa, to the happiness of many, who were making their expeditions there. Of course, the importance of wadi cannot be understated. One of these modern wadis is the Al Sahra Desert Resort, which unlike its name is not deep in the desert, but tries to bring the desert feeling to its visitors. The Al Sahra Desert Resort is not really a hotel, but an entertainment centre, which is especially famous for its amphitheatre, where many events are held. The place has also a spectacular large swimming pool, which comes especially handy in the heat.

Al Sahra Desert Resort has been designed, built and the Jebel Ali Hotel group that operates many hotels in Jebel Ali, from which this resort is not far at all, operates it.

Al Sahra Desert Resort offers various meeting and event possibilities for the visitors, and it has many entertaining programmes, which are mainly held in its amphitheatre. However, apart from this stage, the Al Sahra Desert Resort has various bars and restaurants. There are many workshops and even a traditional souk in order to show and represent the traditional crafting methods used in Dubai, by the Arabic and the Bedouin people. Here you can try the real Arabic and Bedouin lifestyle; you can try how it is to ride on a horse, a camel or on a donkey. You can even try the Arabic archery and see some beautiful examples of high-profile falconry. If you get tired, you can enjoy watching some belly dances or other performances and you can also get your hands and feet painted by the so popular henna motives.

Overall, the Al Sahra Desert Resort is a perfect place for family fun and relaxing programs. You can easily spend a whole day over here without much effort. The Al Sahra for sure brings much fun for every generation.

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