Amazing Dubai Gold Shops

If you love gold and wish to see it in bulk quantity anywhere then there is no other place better than Dubai. In addition, the prices of gold are quite reasonable at these shops, so all you need to do is buy as much gold jewellery as you want without worrying about their prices. Dubai Gold Souk is the place where you will find around 300 gold shops that sell all kinds of branded and traditional gold jewellery products. This market is located at the Deira district in Dubai that is famous for containing the highest number of souks. You can find almost everything in this place including fish and perfume souk but the gold souk is the most magnificent of all, as it contains all the important gold stores.

The fact that makes UAE an immense importer of gold is that it is tax free, which means that there is no VAT in the UAE on gold. This makes the gold prices quite cheap in Dubai. You will even find the prices of gold to be around 40% cheaper in Dubai than most countries in the West. Moreover, the customers also find a variety of designs in gold shops here from traditional Indian style to Arabian and European to Italian pieces.

Once you arrive at Dubai Gold Souk then you will be amazed to find a wide range of gold shops selling similar products. That is why it is recommended to shop thoroughly and compare prices before purchasing a certain product. Always feel free to bargain, walk away and come back at the call of the shopkeeper, as it is all part of the bargain game.

For buying the newest and trendiest designs, make sure to plan a trip to the Dubai souk around the shopping festivals. Even if you have a particular design in mind and want to have your gold shaped like it, then you can get it done from most gold shops.

Gold shops at Dubai souk operate on the basis of split shift; hence they take a break at the afternoon during 2 to 5 pm. That is why make sure to plan a trip to the gold souk either a little earlier or after evening until 10 pm. Even though gold is available at Dubai airport too, but you need to experience the charm of Dubai gold shops at least once as well, because this place offers better variety, better designs along with better price on gold.

Bargaining will be your biggest weapon if you are willing to get gold at cheap prices in gold shops. While the shops accept credit cards here but if you have planned to make a big purchase then Dirham or Dollar can make your process quite easier. Hence, Dubai gold shops offer all those gold pieces that could have hardly come to your mind. You will be certainly amazed to find such a huge variety of this precious metal at such cheap prices within a single place.

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