Make a Lasting Impression with Gold Bracelets

Gold bracelets are among the most beautiful types of jewellery around the world. A bracelet is a type of jewellery, which really can bring the best out of an outlook or a dress. It has several possibilities because it covers a wider surface, so it can be done in all shapes and forms. Now let us see where you can get the best sorts of gold bracelets in Dubai. Dubai is world famous for its number and good price of jewellery so it is no wonder that many tourists find their new favourites in here.

Damas Jewellery
Damas jewellery has the widest offers of jewellery in Dubai because it sells the most brands among all the jewelleries in Dubai. Under Damas, there are more than twelve local and more than ten international brands which only Damas Jewellery is entitled to sell. The most notable gold bracelets you will find in the following collections:

Elegant: Check out Marco Bicego. This jewellery has own elegant personality, made out of the very best quality gold.

Unique: Check out the unique Harmony collection, you will not get disappointed. Also, check out Magerit’s rustic bracelets.

Oriental: Check out the Farha collection for the most beautiful oriental gold bracelets.

Colourful: Farfasha collection’s beautiful and colourful gold bracelets will certainly catch the eyes anywhere in the world. Farfasha itself contains nine different outlooks so the choice to choose only one of these is very hard.

Male gold bracelets: Check out the Baraka men’s collections with very manly pieces containing white or rose gold.

Samra Jewellery
If you go crazy for pure white diamonds, check out Samra Jewellery, one ambassador of high quality diamond jewellery in Dubai, Samra works with white diamonds mainly as these fit the shimmer of diamonds. Samra offers either pure diamond or coloured gemstone gold bracelets. Samra has fantastic wedding and everyday jewellery sets of course with passing bracelets, which are worth checking out.

Pure Gold Jewellery
This jewellery chain is today’s biggest importer of high quality gold from India in Dubai. Pure Gold Jewellery offers 15 brands in its stores. Check out its fantastic pieces of gold bracelets in its Pure 22K collection. Pure gold also sells playful baby gold bracelets as well.

Joyalukkas Jewellery
Joyalukkas was among the first Dubai jewelleries to be awarded by the Business Quality Award’s first place some years ago and the Sheikh of Dubai has gifted it to the business as well. Joyalukkas has a great offer of bracelets in all sorts thanks to its six different collections. Here you can get great quality gold in every price category. The Joyalukkas sells gold bracelets with diamonds, other coloured gemstones and beautiful pearl decorations. At Joyalukkas, it is all about the elegance.

You can check these stores out in the big Gold Souk of Dubai, which you can find in Deira. Check all these great jewellers’ stores out while in Dubai searching for the ideal gold bracelets. The offer on gold bracelets and all the other sorts of jewellery is so big that there is no chance for you not to buy your next favourite over here.

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