The Art of Italian Jewellery: Discover Marco Bicego’s Masterpieces

Inspired by the beauty of both European and far away lying Oriental countries the jewellery collection of Marco Bicego is outstanding in so many ways. Thanks to its highly sensible designs, the young Italian jewellery designer has quickly grown out to be one of the world’s best jewellers. In Dubai, the exclusive partner of Marco Bicego’s collections is Damas Jewellery. In our article, we would like to introduce you to the great collections of the Italian jeweller.

Marco Bicego has been working with jewellery for more than ten years now. His inspirations have come from sites, cultures, sounds, atmosphere of a land, all in one. The jeweller loves to use gemstones and semi-precious gemstones that shine in all the colour of the rainbow. You can get to see the beauty of colours especially in his Jaipur and Siviglia collections, which represent multi-linear necklaces featuring circular shaped stones in a setting, which is quite similar to the one of rosaries. Bicego prefers the usage of yellow gold that is still the big favourite to white gold in African and Asian countries. Africa and Marrakech collections represent the sheer beauty of gold, with its Marrakech collections featuring multi-linear necklaces, rings and bracelets, in which, if you look carefully, you can even spot some beautiful randomly hidden white diamonds. Its specialised collections such as the Jaipur Diamonds, Jaipur Sapphires and Siviglia Sapphires concentrate on the beauty of a single stone and also shows us the great passion of the jeweller for sapphires.

You can also spot high quality pearls in Marco Bicego’s Paradise Pearl collection that features pearls in a rosary-like setting, while the original Paradise represents coloured gemstones in a similar sort of setting. The Confetti D’ Oro collection concentrates on yellow gold, featuring golden balls in a rosary like setting. We can see, out of the light and sophisticated form of Bicego’s jewellery, that they are initially designed to act as accessories to bring the best out of an outfit instead of acting as sole masterpieces of jewellery.

Marco Bicego has an exclusive contract with Damas Jewellery, which acts as the sole seller of Bicego’s jewellery in Dubai. Due to the success of his collections Damas and Marco Bicego has created the brands first single brand showroom in the Dubai Mall. In addition, you can get to find the collections of the brand in every Damas Les Exclusives Jewellery stores, out of which you can get to find at least one, situated in every one of Dubai’s downtown shopping malls. Apart from that, multiple stores of Damas Jewellery are located in the Dubai Gold Souk and you can find this great brand in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.

Marco Bicego is really an outstanding jeweller whose collections should be seen by all fans of high style jewellery. Thanks to the brand’s great quality and success, Marco Bicego has made a contract with Saks to be the main US seller of the jewellery. In Dubai, you can get to find Marco Bicego in its Dubai Saks located in the BurJuman Shopping Mall.

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