Amwaj Rotana Jumeirah Beach

Amwaj Rotana is located on the beachside of the Dubai Marina, right next to other prominent seaside hotels. The location is perfect for the most enjoyable seaside holidays. Although the atmosphere is quite modern over here, yet in the shadows of the huge skyscraper wonders of the Dubai Marina, it is sill beautiful in a different hi-tech way. In addition, besides enjoying all the services of Amwaj Rotana Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Jumeirah Beach is a great place to be, one of the largest beaches of the Middle East.

Amwaj Rotana is a luxury hotel, part of the world famous chain of luxury hotels, the Rotana. The Rotana Hotel has 90 Classic and 136 Premium Rooms including 63 Club Rotana Rooms and 7 Club Rotana Suites. All rooms and suites are equipped perfectly. All rooms are non-smoking, supported by cable televisions and a daily housekeeping service. The rooms give a magnificent view to the sea and to the rest of the Dubai Marina.

The hotel Amwaj Rotana Jumeirah Beach Residence is supported by altogether six catering facilities, bars and restaurants. Out of these, the most notables are the Rosso Italian bar and restaurant and the Horizon. Others include poolside bars. The hotel has a non-stop room service as well. The Amwaj Rotana Jumeirah Beach Residence has a lucky situation, because it is right next to the beach, so a daylong beach day is a perfectly normal activity over here.

The recreational part of your holiday is taken care of the Body Lines health centre and spa of the Hotel Amwaj Rotana Jumeirah Beach Residence. The hotel also has great outdoor swimming pools and the fitness and health centre is backed by a great combination of stream bath and sauna. Referring a little bit to the steam bath, as it s called in Arabic, the Hamam, once you try it, you will see how great feeling is to be perfectly clean. If you feel like buying some skincare items specifically for Hamam, ask it at the souks of Deira, where you have the chance to get these cheaper. The Arabic people, at least those who are Muslims wash themselves five times a day and each month, or before a special event. Normally, they go to the Hamam together. Of course, it is separated giving separate entries and closed area for both the men and the women. If you spend an hour at a real Hamam, you will learn how to wash yourself properly during your session. Therefore, you will learn how the feeling to be perfectly clean is. In addition, Amwaj Rotana does all its best to suit your requirement in this with all its facilities and treatments, which are as well pleasure for the body, as they are happiness for the soul as well.

Thanks to the electronic monitoring system of the hotel, all temperatures and degrees are measured non-stop in order to make guests feel the most comfortable within the hotel. The Amwaj Rotana Jumeirah Beach Residence also has organized tours, within and outside of Dubai and it provides the passengers with shuttles to and from the Dubai International Airport. Amwaj Rotana is a great choice for a faultless holiday for you and your siblings.

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