Ann Harvey Lingerie in Dubai

Lingerie is mostly associated with models who are glamorous, but exceptionally thin. Many of the ladies who purchase lingerie aspire to look as sensational or as attractive as those models. Sometimes, many ladies are left fretting and fuming as some brands do not produce clothes in sizes that would fit them. And, what clothes they do find are rather ill-fitting and totally uncomfortable. Are you one of those ladies who have generous curves and find it difficult to find dresses of the right size? Well, we can visualize your problem, but do not fret. And, that is exactly where Ann Harvey comes to your rescue. Have you heard of Ann Harvey? They are clothiers who specialize in clothing for ladies like you who are a bit generously endowed. Isn’t that great news?

Ladies in the size range of 16 to 32 can easily find fashionable innerwear at Ann Harvey, while those ladies with generous curves can be assured of finding garments of their size here. Ann Harvey brand of clothing is quite popular all over the world for their stylish and excellent range of clothing for women. They are basically fashion retailers who are based in U.K. who design and manufacture outfits for plus sized women. Their main priority is comfort, and when you wear Ann Harvey garments you can be assured of comfort along with style. And, their innerwear fits your body just like a glove – perfect to the last detail.

Ann Harvey uses high quality fabrics and the latest technology to manufacture clothing for ladies of all sizes. They design both formal and casual wear. The designers take utmost care to use high quality materials for the apparels and their sizing scheme has been immensely appreciated by ladies all over the world. One of the unique things that you can observe at Ann Harvey stores is that they stock products which have been launched across various seasons.

Ann Harvey’s innerwear range includes bras, briefs, shorts, thongs, shapewear, slips and camisoles. You will also find bras that cater to size 38 inches and upwards in various types. Remember, plus sized women are no longer shunned or looked down at and that should help you boost your confidence levels. That is very much a thing of the past and you will discover that you are very much in the centre of things.

Ann Harvey garments are reasonably priced and cater to all segments of the society. All Ann Harvey stores are manned by highly attentive and knowledgeable staff that ensures all their female customers go back completely satisfied. One of the advantages of shopping at their stores is that you can choose color coordinated garments. You can mix and match skirts, shirts, and trousers of various colors to create a unique style. Some of the other clothing that you can find at Ann Harvey’s are embroidered shirts, formal office skirts, sleeveless tops, tunics, jackets, evening dresses, and kimonos.

All customers of Ann Harvey experience the confidence that a great and excellent outfit can bring about in you. When are you stepping into Ann Harvey’s?

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