Authentic Tag Heuer Watches in Dubai

Tag Heuer watches are the luxurious Swiss watches manufactured by the Tag Heuer Company. Initially these watches were introduced in the market in 1860 by a company name Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG, but later the company was purchased by the TAG Group and the brand was named TAG Heuer. The pioneer of these watches was Edouard Heuer, who patented his first watch in 1882 and then introduced the oscillating pinion technology in the art of watch making. Apart, from introducing the oscillating pinion, Edouard also got fame for introducing first dashboard chronographs in the market in 1911. The first wrist watch by Heuer was introduced in 1914, which became an instant hit because of its unique features and design.

Heuer Company is also known for introducing first automatic chronographs in the market in mid 1960’s. The famous automatics versions of TAG Heuer that were introduced at that time were Autavia, Monaco and Carrera. Today, the TAG Heuer watches are preferred by people who want to have a blend of style and elegance in their wrist watches. This brand is easily available in all parts of the world and is equally famous because of its unique features and variety. These luxury watches are specifically preferred by sports world because of their accuracy in time. Just like any other Swiss watch brand, these watches are also available in Dubai at different shopping malls and duty free shops.

The variety of Tag Heuer offered by different retailer outlets, boutiques or duty free shops in Dubai are,
• Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre: This series of Tag Heuer watches offer elegance, style and reliability to its users. These series have automatic movement, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, double security clasp, water resistant ability and double anti-reflective covering. This series of Tag Heuer watches is easily available in all retailing outlets of Dubai.

• Monaco: This series of Tag Heuer is the most famous one among all Swiss watches. Monaco watches are the first square, water resistant and automated chronograph of the world. These watches are not just famous because of its features, it is also known for being the associated with Monaco Grand Prix formula 1 race. As, Dubai is the center for Grand prix formula 1 races, therefore, these watches are largely famous in this region.

• Aquaracer: This series of Tag Heuer watches was introduced for people who love water sports. These watches can resist every kind of extreme sailing conditions. The diving extension bracelet of these watches allow them to be worn on wet or diving suits. The ceramic bezel screen on these watches make them scratch proof and durable for extreme conditions. These watches are the preferred choice of every sportsman because they are reliable and allow excellent readability even in dark. This series is easily available on the Tag Heuer outlet in Dubai Mall.

• Formula 1: The formula 1 series of Tag Heuer watches is the most sport series. The design of this series is kept simple, rational and practical. This series was mainly introduced for formula 1 driver, who wants accuracy in their time piece along with durability and style.

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